Two minutes with eBay’s General Counsel, Marie Oh Huber

Adam Kohler and Jennifer O'Connell, eBay News Team

Get to know the woman in charge of overseeing our global legal and policy group.

Marie Oh Huber – who joined eBay in May 2015 with more than 20 years’ experience as a business and legal leader in Fortune 500 companies -- is passionate about empowering individual entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Having joined from Agilent Technologies, where she was senior vice president and general counsel, Marie heads our global legal and government relations function. Her responsibilities include overseeing the company's global legal department and its policy group. She is responsible for interactions with content regulators, law enforcement, IP, corporate governance and SEC compliance, litigation, contracts, and other legal and government relations matters.

Marie, who has a BA in economics cum laude from Yale and a JD from Northwestern University School of Law, has worked throughout her professional life for greater diversity and inclusion.

Outside of eBay, she serves on the boards of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, the James Campbell Company LLC and spends her free time with her family, cycling and reading.

eBay News Team’s Adam Kohler and Jennifer O’Connell sat down with her to talk about everything from her move to eBay to her passion for helping small businesses.

On her reasons for joining eBay...

One of the reasons I was very excited to join is that eBay has an incredible brand, and has always been a real pioneer in the internet, ecommerce and related law.  A lot of startups now are looking to law that was partly created by eBay. We also have a great diverse team of minds all around the world who are just really pushing the envelope on behalf of all of our users, our buyers and sellers. Even today, the challenges and the issues of enabling a vibrant marketplace work continue to be incredibly stimulating and constantly changing. 

On what inspires her...

What I love about this job is it’s this great combination of business, the law and advocating for our buyers and sellers all around the world. In my role, it’s critical to be business focused and to realize that our team is there to drive business results for the company.  As general counsel, I feel what’s really important is to help the global team get in line behind the business strategy and then to be able to step back, see the big picture, and balance the business opportunities and the risks globally. 

On what’s unique about working here...

Every company has dedicated employees, but what’s unique about eBay is that the employees have this really passionate view of the purpose of the company.  We can be the brand, buy and sell and use our products.  Knowing the impact that eBay can have on real lives and help people either earn a livelihood or make their dreams come true makes it real for us. I feel very grateful I work with an amazing, talented, dedicated, super hard working team all around the world that really cares.

On the connection with the purpose of the company...

One of the most fun times I had was going to Brussels with the team and meeting some of our small business sellers.  One of them was Hans and Andrea Gonner, the couple behind Garnwelt, a German textile company that had been struggling.  It had been a business-to-business company, and this couple transformed it into a company that sells beautiful yarn to consumers.  Andrea was incredibly articulate and we talked to members of Parliament about reducing trade barriers. The Gonners employ about 30 women and people from their town who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to work outside the home. 

On her advice to people starting out in her career...

Embrace change and be willing to take risks. Keep your eye on the big picture and where the business is heading. Stay true to yourself.  Be authentic. Realize it is about relationships and how you build and grow those relationships.

On her life away from the office...

I love spending time with my husband and two college age kids. My husband and I took up cycling about eight years ago.  You can travel great distances, see beautiful sights, and it really forces you to focus on that hill you’re climbing or descending.  We’re so lucky to live in the Bay Area where there’s just amazing cycling and you can ride year-round. We’ve also been fortunate enough to go on some pretty cool trips in Europe and Asia, and the best part is always the coffee and foods afterwards with friends.