Two Minutes with our Asia-Pacific Chief, Jay Lee

eBay APAC News Team

Get to know eBay's Senior Vice President, who oversees eBay's initiatives across the APAC region.

Jay Lee, Senior Vice President of eBay Asia Pacific, leads eBay’s initiatives across multiple markets from Korea to Australia, China to India, Japan to Israel, Indonesia to Thailand and more. Asia Pacific is eBay’s fastest growing region, and under Jay’s leadership, the region’s revenues have grown five times over. Jay, and the Asia Pacific region as a whole, continue to be a significant driver in the growth of eBay’s international revenue.

What compelled you to join eBay?

When I joined in 2002, eBay was a clear disruptor, changing the way people buy and sell around the world. On top of that, I was very attracted to eBay’s purpose: to help everyone find their version of perfect. Perhaps most importantly, though, I was attracted to eBay’s people. They are extremely nice, and extremely talented people.

What Motivates You?

Going out and re-creating commerce around Asia Pacific. I get to do that in a dozen countries with very smart people.

What is something about you that people might find surprising?

I was a very serious amateur wrestler in high school. In fact, I had to decide whether to join the Korean national team to go to the Olympics, or attend university in the U.S.

What inspires you about working for eBay?

When I went to visit sellers in the outskirts of Shanghai, I realized that these sellers were newlyweds and using their home as their office. They were very thankful that their business on eBay allowed them to get married and also buy their house. And by the way, it was a three-story house filled with merchandise and employees who helped these sellers sell their products across a dozen countries around the world, and it really hit home for me what we’re doing every day at eBay.