What’s Trending on eBay? Everything That’s Relevant and Important to You

Scott Cutler, SVP, eBay Americas

Our marketplace is the most diverse and dynamic in the world, and it’s a reflection of what matters to people at all times.

When LeBron turned into a Laker, it was happening on eBay.

When sneakerheads were looking to score sold-out styles, it was happening on eBay.

When Marvel fans geeked out over a movie that wasn’t even in theaters yet, it was happening on eBay.

These are not taglines. These are real moments that resonated with our customers and happened on our marketplace. When basketball legend LeBron James announced he was taking his number #23 from Cleveland to Los Angeles, searches for his new Lakers jersey soared on eBay. When sneaker fans were searching for rare styles, hundreds of the most sought-after pairs were dropped by eBay users in our first-ever community sneaker drop. And while Marvel fans eagerly wait for the release of “Venom” this fall, thousands of listings for Venom Funko Pop figurines and comics are already available on eBay.

Whether it’s the latest blockbuster film, social movement, limited-edition sneaker release or championship-winning team – we are proud to lean into the cultural moments that are happening around us. For the past 23 years, eBay has been building a vibrant heritage of leaning into individuality and personalization. The diverse experience that our customers have on eBay is very different from any other commerce experience. We feel in many ways that eBay is part of what shapes our society and the world we live in. 

And this is exactly what we’re celebrating with our new marketing campaign, which we are debuting this week. Our new television and digital creative highlights what we’ve known all along: Everything that’s relevant, interesting and current is on eBay – and you can buy it now.

We’re bringing our message to life via a national, multi-channel campaign across devices and platforms. You’ll see us popping up during moments that are relevant to you, on TV, radio, digital, billboards and more. Whether you’re turning on the big college football game or scrolling through Instagram for the latest fall fashion trends, we’ll be there to show you what’s trending on eBay for shoppers like you.


And here’s what the ads don’t tell you: 126 Gucci bags are sold on eBay every day. And there are 2,600 searches for Yeezys daily. eBay also sells one Ferrari per day – not to mention the Lamborghini Maybachs, Mercedes AMG GTs, and Porsche 911s being sold on the platform. Car enthusiasts buy luxury cars for as much as $100k to $300k… even via their mobile devices!

We’re proud to be the most vibrant, diverse and dynamic marketplace in the world. And even more proud to be a reflection of what matters to people at all times.

Whatever’s going on in your world – it’s waiting for you on eBay.