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eBay Uncovers Australians’ Naughty Side this Valentine’s Day

Press Release

Bra purchases by men rocket 111%

eBay research released today revealed increased purchases of traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, with men purchasing more lingerie for their partners compared to the same period last year*.

Bra sales increased by 99%, while purchases of bras by men grew an astonishing 111%. Purchases by men also grew in other key Valentine’s Day present categories; sales of camisoles rose 25%, fragrances grew 29% and jewellery grew 16%.

Key findings:

  • Bra purchases grew by 99%
  • Bra purchases by men grew 111%
  • Camisole purchases by men grew 25%
  • Teddy purchases grew by 29%
  • Fragrance purchases grew by 24%
  • Fragrance purchases by men grew 29%
  • Jewellery grew by 27%
  • Jewellery purchases by men grew 16%

eBay spokesperson Jenny Thomas commented on the trend, “Australian men are clearly upping their game when it comes to purchases for their loved ones in 2012.

“Whether they’re trying to make up for a poor gift choice last year or whether the nation’s men are simply becoming more romantic – we’ve been surprised by this year’s huge increase in sales of traditional Valentine’s Day gifts on”

* Timeframe: 26th Jan – 7th February 2012 compared to 26th Jan – 7th Feb 2011