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Millions of Aussies turning passions to profit by investing in collectibles, reveals eBay State of Collectibles Report 2023

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  • The report estimates there may be over five million collectors1 in Australia, with more than one in four adults collecting goods such as coins, toys, sneakers and art.2
  • More than 40% of surveyed collectors have a financial objective when collecting.3
  • The median estimated profit from surveyed collectors selling collectibles over the last three years was between $5,000-$10,000.4

eBay Australia today releases a first-of-its-kind Australian report in partnership with Deloitte Access Economics delving into the millions of Aussie collectors turning their passions into potential profit. The eBay State of Collectibles Report 2023 shows there may be an estimated five million collectors across the nation5—quite a collection.

With cost-of-living pressures mounting, selling collectibles is helping some Aussies add to their income, with median estimated profits of surveyed collectors being between $5,000-$10,000 over the last three years6. The report suggests that more than one in four Aussies collect goods such as coins, toys, sneakers and art7 while more than 40% collectors, or those interested in collecting, have a financial objective in mind8

People buy and sell collectibles for several reasons including it being part of their passion, a hobby or financial objective9, rather than for general use. According to the report, of those that collect, the most commonly collected items are coins (36%), LEGO® sets (33%), toys (26%) and sneakers (22%).10

eBay Australia’s Managing Director, David Ramadge, says, “Collectibles have been at the heart of eBay’s DNA for the past 20 years. We have seen communities built around passions, from sneakerheads to luxury handbag lovers and even motorheads looking for rare car parts for their weekend project, grow and thrive.

“The eBay State of Collectibles Report 2023 shows that collectibles are an important part of Aussie culture, and many people are finding the sweet spot between engaging in their hobbies for passion but also making some money in the process. In the current tough economic climate, these hobbies and passions bring people together and give joy,” said Ramadge.

Luxury handbags

eBay State Of Collectibles Handbag

The eBay State of Collectibles Report 2023 reveals that watches are highest in average value amongst surveyed collectors ($7,000), followed by luxury handbags ($6,100)11. eBay Australia’s Head of Fashion, Brooke Eichhorn, says, “We know collectors are passionate about their luxury handbags whether buying new and pre-loved items to wear as fashion statements or holding on to as potential investment pieces. With increased cost-of-living pressures, Aussies might be able to find valuable items in their closet and make some extra cash while helping keep the circular economy moving forward.

“When buying collectibles, we know trust is important. eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee on luxury handbags and sneakers ensures buyers can feel confident they’re getting the real deal - just look for the blue tick,” said Eichhorn.

Some of the most popular luxury handbag brands sold on eBay Australia include Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada12. Aussies with a passion for luxury items could potentially see themselves turning a pretty profit, with eBay reporting a 285% price increase for the Hermes Kelly 32cm, for which the average price rose from $6,700 in 2019 to $25,800 in 2022.13

Trading cards, sneakers & LEGO® sets

Rare trading cards and LEGO® sets such as the Pokémon 2016 Evolutions Booster Box and LEGO® King's Castle have seen triple-digit percentage increases in price in the last three years. From 2019 to 2022, the Pokémon 2016 Evolutions Booster Box went up 725%14 from $200 to $1,300 and the LEGO® King’s Castle increased by 200%15 from $200 to $600. Aussies are prepared to fork out for collectibles with the most expensive trading card ever sold on eBay Australia, a Michael Jordan Autographed 1st Championship 1991 Commemorative Card, selling for over $100,000 in NSW.16

When it comes to sneakers, Nike Jordans and Dunks are popular. From 2019 to 2022, the Nike Jordan 4 Bred’s price increased from 17$360 to $530 while the Nike SB What The Dunk Supreme was sold for over $16,000 in South Australia last year.18

eBay Australia’s sneaker and trading card expert, Alaister Low, says, “Sneaker culture is growing rapidly and in Australia, a sneaker is sold every two minutes on eBay19. Largely, sneakers are a fashion statement heavily influenced by celebrity and US culture. This has helped sneakers flip from a faux pas to a flourishing fashion statement in a matter of years.

“Sneakerheads are deeply embedded in sneaker and streetwear culture, hanging out for the latest drops and limited edition sneakers to snap up highly coveted items. Aussies can be sure we’ve got their back with eBay’s Money Back Guarantee. If your item doesn’t arrive or wasn’t what was described in the listing, we’ll make it right.”

Average prices and price growth for selected trading cards, LEGO® sets, selected sneakers and handbags

eBay State Of Collectibles Trading Card

eBay State Of Collectibles LEGO

eBay State Of Collectibles Sneaker

For more information on Australia’s collectibles market, view the full eBay State of Collectibles Report 2023 report here or shop authentic sneakers and luxury handbags on eBay here.

We note that the report does not assess whether collectors’ financial strategies are effective and none of the report’s insights should be interpreted as financial advice from Deloitte or eBay.

About the report

eBay State of Collectibles Report 2023 is prepared by Deloitte Access Economics and commissioned by eBay Australia. The report is informed by a survey fielded by Dynata on behalf of eBay Australia and Deloitte from July to August 2022, targeted at Australian adults. The survey reached 3,960 Australians, who were asked to self-identify as collectors. Data was weighted post-interview to the latest population estimates sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Read the full eBay State of Collectibles Report 2023 report here.

The price return comparisons in the eBay State of Collectibles Report 2023 do not consider risk profiles or liquidity, which are essential factors to consider. The returns also exclude the effects of leverage that can boost returns for traditional assets (in particular, real property). Past performance is not indicative of future performance for any asset class, and there is no guarantee that prices or price returns will continue to increase in the future.

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