Beyonce sparks papoose boom

How do you carry yours?


****Beyonce sparks Papoose Boom****

How do you carry yours? has seen an increase of mums flocking to the site to purchase the celebrity baby carrier of choice – the papoose, and trading in their conventional buggy in turn. After both Beyonce and Amanda Holden were papped cradling their newborns on their front, new mums are insisting on the best for their baby bundles too. Sales have risen by a staggering 225% while buggy sales have dropped by 52%.


eBay spokesperson Laura Wilkinson comments that ‘Celeb-watching-mums of the nation appear to be following Beyonce’s footsteps as the demand for a papoose has more than doubled on eBay. Forever savvy, our new parents are keen to offset the cost of their new arrival by selling; the average value of a buggy has increased by 20% to £88.43, showing there’s money to be made mums!”