Boxing Up Day

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Get extra with eBay: 74 million items will be listed after Christmas as Brits get set to realise the value of their unused items


As ‘Boxing Up’ day returns, reveals Friday 28th December is the best day for Brits to declutter their home following the festive period, with a quarter of Brits admitting that they have over 50 unused items stored away – up to the estimated value of £483!

A staggering 74 million items will be listed following Christmas as Brits pack up unused items for re-sale on the online marketplace, with more than half of those polled (59%) admitting that they received up to 10 gifts that weren’t right for them last year which they still haven’t got rid of.¹ Top reasons which prevent Brits selling unused items include; lack of time, not knowing the value and simply disposing or giving them away.

The research also reveals 50% of parents, still reeling from the challenge of accommodating new toys after Christmas, feel stressed at seeing their house cluttered with items they do not use. And with 57% of parents stating they feel motivated to de-clutter following the festivities, has identified that between 6pm and 7pm on 28th December is the best time to list items for sale as this is when sales across the platform peak.

Top ways to spend extra income include new clothes, a family holiday, home improvement and even a savings account.² However, mum and dads spend the extra cash slightly differently, with over a quarter of mums (28%) putting the money towards an experience for the family such as the theatre or cinema, compared to a sixth of dads (16%) who prefer to save it for home improvements.

Based on best sellers from last year between 26th December 2017 – 19th January 2018, has pinpointed the top ten categories that Brits are purchasing on site during this period:

  1. Home Appliances
  2. Video Games Consoles
  3. Mobile Smart Phones
  4. Shoes
  5. Laptop and Netbooks
  6. Video Games
  7. Games
  8. DVDs and Blu-Rays
  9. Fragrance and Aftershave
  10. DVD Player and Home Cinema

Nikin Patel, Director of Consumer-to-Consumer selling at eBay says, “With 177 million active buyers worldwide, people stand to make more money on The period between Christmas and the New Year is an incredibly busy listings period on the site and Boxing Up Day is prime time to list those unwanted items and make some extra cash, whether it’s to put toward that next family holiday or home upgrade.”

Katherine Ryan, comedian who is working with on this campaign, comments, “After Christmas is a great time to think about having a clear-out. I dig out things I have hidden away in cupboards and encourage my daughter to part with any toys she doesn’t use anymore. We list things on as it’s a good time to sell and make some extra money ahead of the new year.”

Katherine’s top tips for selling on include: 

  1. Download the app: When I’ve fallen out of love with something, or I want to make room for something new, I get straight on my eBay app because I can snap list and sell within minutes. 
  2. Think like your buyer: I know that my buyers are all as stylish as me (or the TV Katherine Ryan) so I use words I know they will search for like ‘Luxury’, ‘Designer’ and of course the brand name. 
  3. Pick your price & format: eBay has two selling options; sell by auction or Buy It Now. I like to get things done quickly so I always go for Buy It Now. Let’s face it, most of the time I’ve already spent the money in my mind.
  4. Use eBay delivery: Why should you have to leave the comfort of your home, when eBay can deliver for you? eBay has secured great prices on tracked services that can be dropped off at thousands of locations nationwide. You’ll save money (win), be protected (double win) and can do it all through the eBay site (extra win).
  5. Go free:Christmas is a time for giving (and receiving obviously) so why not give your buyers free postage to seal the deal (or just include it in the price because a girl’s gotta make money, am I right!?)
  6. Great Photography: Lighting and positioning is critical so I’ve take a few tips from all the photoshoots I do to make my items look fabulous. It’s all about getting the right angle.

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¹ Data taken from from 26.12.2017 – 19.01.2018

² eBay & Markettiers Data – November 2018 – Based on 2000 UK adults