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10 Spellbinding LEGO Harry Potter Sets Available from 1st August has launched a presale of ten LEGO Harry Potter lines including the Hogwarts Express, Case of Magical Creatures and Quidditch Match sets, until August 1, marking a landmark opportunity to ‘build’ the ultimate magical LEGO collection.

The dedicated shop ( looks set to allow wannabe wizards build their own Whomping Willow or Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures – getting the most wanted gifts ordered ahead of holiday season and the release of the latest Fantastic Beasts this autumn.

Marking this unique opportunity, which has sold 500,000 LEGO products in the last three months alone, has blocked together its top ten LEGO and Harry facts for the uber fans out there.[1]

  1. has revealed everyone’s favourite brick became the UK’s third most sought after item of last year just behind iPhones and Fidget Spinners, with more than 4.4 million total searches on site and a big spike in November, with five searches every second as parents started the Christmas shop.[2]
  2. The Boy Who Lived also remains a firm favourite on the online marketplace with nearly 200,000 Harry Potter related items sold in the last three months – that’s two every minute![3]
  3. In the last three months Britain’s brick-fans have been busy growing their collections, as has seen more than 500,000 Lego related items sold – that’s four a minute![4]
  4. It seems the most popular time to buy Harry Potter and LEGO related items is Sunday between 8pm and 9pm, as Muggles drift off to bed, dreaming of building their own Hogwarts Great Hall or Forbidden Forest.
  5. Expert builders looking for a challenge can purchase’s largest LEGO set on site – the LEGO Taj Mahal – that clocks in with 6,000 pieces needed to construct the Indian icon in your own home.
  6. Minted Muggles, meanwhile, could place a bid on the most expensive Harry Potter item – a rare edition of Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone that sold for £6,300.
  7. While the most-expensive LEGO item will appeal to fans of the Force, as a LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon sold for £8,500.
  8. In addition to Harry Potter, the epic space opera films continue to inspire a new generation of LEGO lovers, with one ‘Lego Star Wars’ related item sold every minute since the release of the most recent instalment, ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’.[5]
  9. The online marketplace has found that when it comes to the toy box, LEGO is still set to remain a firm favourite this year as it celebrated its 60th anniversary – with more than 1,160,000 searches for LEGO in 2017 on and nearly 490,000 searches since the start of 2018 alone.[6]
  10. With nearly 500,000 LEGO current listings on site, whether a master builder or construction novice, make sure you head to celebrate the brick’s latest Harry Potter creations.[7]

Alice Winter, Category Manager of Toys and Games at said, “LEGO and Harry Potter mania never seems to fade and continues to capture the nation’s imagination. As we countdown to the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, we’re already selling two Harry Potter related items every minute and these sets are a celebration of that magical moment.”

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