Nike Air Max Day causes searches to soar on eBay - here’s the favourites from the Air Max Archives

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At the heart of the UK’s vibrant sneaker scene, Air Maxes have held their ground as a timeless favourite. That's why eBay is marking Nike Air Max Day on 26th March by revealing the most coveted Air Max models, collabs and colourways amongst shoppers on the platform and the team that authenticates them.

With excitement growing in the lead-up to the big day, many have been drawn to eBay in search of their favourite pairs, causing searches for ‘Air Max’ to increase by 10%1 during the first week of this month. 

Proving to be this year’s favourite, searches for ‘Air Max 97’ have witnessed a surge of over 40%2 in searches. Following closely behind is the Nike Air Max DN, set to debut on Nike Air Max Day as the first of the collection to incorporate Dynamic Air. With anticipation soaring, searches for ‘Nike Air Max DN’ experienced a 35%3 increase during the first week of this month. 

As one of the most notable silhouettes, it’s no surprise that the Air Max 97 reigns supreme. Collectors can shop a variety on eBay from just £70, including coveted collabs such as the highly esteemed Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97’s and the Commes Des Garcon Air Max 97’s for £225. Shoppers can also grab the Nike Air Max DN, including the recently launched Supreme Air Max DN from £250. 

In true Nike tradition, last year’s Air Max Day brought the debut of the ‘Air Max Pulse’ silhouette. Upon release, it saw a remarkable 3650%4 surge in searches compared to the previous month, while the classic ‘Air Max 95’ also held its ground, experiencing an increase of over 30%5 in searches. 

With the highly anticipated Corteiz Nike Air Max 95 hitting the shelves in the same month, it’s no wonder shoppers rushed for this model in anticipation of Air Max Day. Those in search of the famed drop can shop them on eBay for £230, or those seeking the innovative Air Max Pulse, eBay offers a variety from £70. 

Wahaaj Shabbir, Head of Sneakers at eBay UK said “Nike Air Max Day is a big deal for sneaker fans everywhere, but especially for us in the UK as they’re such a key part of our sneaker culture, so I’m glad we have a whole day to celebrate it. Air Maxes are one of the most versatile lines of sneakers, my personal favourites are the Patta Air Max 1. 

eBay is a go-to spot because not only can you get those much-loved releases, but also find limited editions and those one-of-a-kind pairs that you can’t find anywhere else.”

And to mark the occasion, the eBay UK sneaker authentication team has revealed the top 5 Air Maxes that they’re looking to add to their collection, including: 

  • Air Max 97 Sean Weatherspoon - available on eBay from £429.99

  • Air Max 90 Off White - available on eBay from £100

  • Air Max 90 Bacon - available on eBay from £90

  • Air Max 1 Atmos - available on eBay from £70

  • Corteiz Air Max 95 Pink Beams - available on eBay from £200

eBay has created a dedicated Air Max edit featuring the most popular collabs, newest releases and most sought-after pairs, available to shop here


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