Whose Style Reigns Supreme?

 It's UK vs US as two 'Royal Families' go head-to-head 

(And the Windsors win by a landslide!)  


·         Data released by reveals Brits vote the Windsor clan as preferred style leaders

·         The ‘Kate Effect’ still dominates as nearly half of UK women hail The Duchess of Cambridge most stylish over Queen Elizabeth II, Kim Kardashian-West and Kris Jenner


The Windsors and Kardashians are undoubtedly the two most talked about families of 2015.

With a new addition to the clan fast approaching as well as setting the style agenda for the nation, over 18 million shoppers are discovering fashion finds, inspired by the British Royals on


Across the pond, however, a different dynasty dominates. The Kardashians have proven themselves a fashion force to be reckoned with Kris, Kim, Kendall and their ‘Krew’ serving as ‘Uncle Sam’s’ self-proclaimed answer to the British Royal family, making headlines and sending fashion finders into a frenzy.


We take a comparative look at three generations of the two ‘empires’ to see who reigns supreme…


The Matriarchs

The Queen vs Kris Jenner

With great responsibility, comes great style. As a ruling matriarch, it is imperative one must look the part.


HRH’s style power has transcended nine decades, with authoritatively chic ensembles in every shade of pastel. Renowned for her block colour wardrobe, The Queen regularly opts for a classic A-line skirt (+41%[1]) paired with a matching coat. The ultimate trademark, of course, is one’s coordinated wide brim hat (+66%[2]), with a wide selection to choose from on for those looking to emulate our majestic monarch.


Kris Jenner ‘the monochrome Kween’ is now taking cues from Kimye - mirroring her Parisian penchant for ‘black on black’ rocked with a sultry smokey eye (+48.2%[3]) and trademark pixie crop.


Winner – Queen Elizabeth II

With a surprisingly narrow win, Queen Elizabeth II was voted more stylish than Kris Jenner - hot on the heels of our much-loved ma’am (1%).


The Muses

The Duchess of Cambridge vs Kim Kardashian-West

From Castles to Calabasas…Kate and Kim may be at opposite ends of the style spectrum but one thing they have in common, is their bonafide status as fashion icons.


Since The Duchess of Cambridge became a shining beacon for British brands, ‘the Kate Effect’ is the most powerful commodity bestowed upon any label, with more than a quarter of women admitting Kate influences their style greater than Kim (37%). Kate champions the high street, causing a shopping frenzy with every state visit, with similar outfits soaring on fashion destination Kate’s favourite princess coat – a great one to camouflage a growing baby bump - has increased on the online marketplace despite the recent warmer weather (+13%[4]).


Kim’s signature style consists of bodycon (+34%[5]), bodycon and more bodycon, in a palette of monochrome, nude and mossy greens. Famed for her silhouette, her curves constantly ‘break the internet’ and her wardrobe serves to flatter and flaunt her selfie-worthy frame, with fashion finders heading to to discover Kim-inspired ensembles.


Winner – The Duchess of Cambridge

When put to the vote, nearly half (45%) of British women confirmed The Duchess of Cambridge was more of a fashion icon over Kim Kardashian.



The Munchkins

Prince George vs North West

The two under two’s are already upstaging their parents; enter Prince George and North West.


With royal style in his blood, Prince George has serious sartorial credentials. Although his public appearances may be a rare treat, they are instantly impactful. The angelic tank top (+22%[6]) captured in his last official portrait, sold out in just 24 hours.


North West may only just be ‘catwalking’ around Paris but baby Dr. Martens (+100.3%[7]) are now synonymous with NW’s grunge chic image. With a large selection available to purchase on in a variety of colours, Brit kids are following in her fashionable footsteps.


Winner – Prince George

The crown for trendsetting toddler goes to Prince George, with Brits naming the royal baby’s wardrobe more enviable than Kimye’s North West (35%). 



The Style Wars Ultimate Champion?

When dressing for succession, the winning royal family is The Windsors!


Despite the Kardashian’s fashion credentials well as their FROW status, Brits have firmly decided that the Windsors take the fashion crown. Nearly half of women polled confirmed that The Duchess of Cambridge has the most influential style over Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian-West, North West, Prince George and mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II.


eBay spokesperson Laura Wilkinson-Rea comments: “The ‘Kate Effect’ has proven its staying power on, with Prince George’s ‘Trendsetting Tot’ status also in full swing, as shoppers race to purchase royal-inspired items on site. Whether you’re Team Windsor or Team Kardashian, the online marketplace is the ultimate destination for style-hunters.”






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[1] Sales of A-line skirts have increased on by +41% based on sales from 5 March – 5 April

[2] Sales of wide brim hats have increased on by +66% based on sales from 6 March – 8 April

[3] Sales of black eye shadow have increased on by +48.2% based on sales from 6 March – 8 April

[4] sales of princess coats have increased on by + 13%  based on sales from 4th – 5th March

Sales of bodycon dresses have increased on by +34% based on sales from 14 March – 12 April

7  Sales of children’s tank tops have increased on by +22% based on sales from 13 March – 12 April

Sales of children’s Dr. Martens have increased on by +100.3% based on sales from 5 March – 11 April