A New Spot for Seller Insights

eBay News Team

Our new site is a one-stop-shop where visitors can learn more about our partnership with sellers and discover inspiring stories from our global community.

When it comes to eBay’s marketplace, we only win when our sellers succeed. Whether it’s investing in the tools and technologies that foster growth opportunities or championing issues that matter most to small businesses, we are committed to building lasting and meaningful partnerships with any seller leveraging our global marketplace.

That’s why we’re especially excited to launch our brand new Partner to Sellers website which serves as a central destination to spotlight our work with and for sellers. Our new site underpins our commitment to helping all sellers succeed and showcases the role we play in helping turn their entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations into reality.   

For the first time ever, we will be releasing state-by-state data to showcase the positive economic impact eBay has on communities all across the United States.

 On our new site you’ll also be able to learn more about:

The latest investments we’ve made in our tools to help sellers reach their full potential and achieve great reach and velocity as well as recentadvancements we’ve made to our technology to ensure eBay is truly a world-class selling platform. 

Programs and initiatives we’ve launched to champion the SMEs and entrepreneurs that do business on our marketplace. Our Open for Business podcast helps sellers navigate tough business decisions by learning from the experiences of their peers, our digital cities initiatives across Europe help traditional retailers get online and our annual SHINE Awards celebrate the best and brightest from our selling community.

Our Sellers

Though each of our sellers has a unique story, they’re all inspiring for different reasons.  Whether it’s a casual seller looking to earn extra cash for a special vacation or an entrepreneur looking to grow their business by reaching global customers, learn more about the people who power our marketplace.

At the core of eBay is a diverse and vibrant community made up of millions of sellers worldwide. Our new site is a celebration of this community - it’s because of our sellers and their contributions to our marketplace that we’re able to help every consumer find their version of perfect.