Celebrate Back To The Future Day, Benefit Charity

Jennifer O'Connell, eBay News Team

It's October 21, 2015: Welcome to the Future, as depicted in Back To The Future II. Find our how to get your hands on rare movie memorabilia.

If you’re a fan of Back to the Future, you’ll already know that today is an important day – it’s at least as significant a moment in the calendar as May the 4th is to Star Wars fans. 

On this very day - October 21 2015 - Back to the Future Part II took 1985’s Marty McFly to Hill Valley, California.

That’s right, we are officially living in ‘The Future’. The technology isn’t quite as advanced as the film predicted a quarter century ago – hoverboards are not yet mainstream, there’s no household device that converts garbage into energy and sadly, Jaws 19 never got made.

To celebrate, we’ve launched a collection of rare Back To The Future memorabilia.

Click through for your chance to own an electric guitar  signed by Michael J Fox; a model Delorean signed by the actor and Christopher Lloyd, or your very own flux capacitor USB car charger. You could even get your hands on a pair of Back to the Future Air Mag shoes, just like the ones worn by Marty McFly.

The best part? As eBay for Charity listings, ten percent of the sale of some of the memorabilia – including the guitar, the toy DeLorean, a signed hoverboard and even replicas of Marty McFly’s plutonium suit and bomber jacket - will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

While the movie might have been wrong about the prevalence of hoverboards and the dehydrated pizzas, it did get a few things right – like tablets and fingerprint door locks. Curious about which other predictions actually came to pass? Read our guide.

There's one prediction in particular that could come to pass in the next couple weeks. The film depicts the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in 2015. Those Cubs are in the National League Championship Series – a step away from the big prize.