Retail Revival

Celebrating Akron, Ohio: eBay Exclusive “Retail Revival” Copper Round

eBay News Team

Minted in the United States, the Copper Round will be available to eBay’s 177 million active buyers.

This holiday season, eBay and top bullion seller Bay Precious Metals are releasing a one-of-a-kind, exclusive Copper Round celebrating Akron, Ohio. Akron was eBay’s first partner city in its innovative Retail Revival program, which empowers “Main Street” businesses to take full advantage of the digital economy and reach new customers around the world. 

The first of the series, this limited-edition round features a depiction of Akron’s skyline and the iconic Goodyear Tire blimp – a nod to the city’s rich manufacturing history as the once-crowned “rubber capital of the world.” The round was minted in the United States and is .9995 pure copper. 

Shoppers can find these unique rounds today on and soon at eBay’s pop-up shop at Northside Marketplace in Akron. They are available for purchase as a single round ($6.49 deal price), a tube of 20 ($31.99 deal price), and a lot of 100 rounds ($129.99 deal price). 

“At eBay, we’re committed to providing our millions of buyers with unique and exclusive inventory,” said Sam Bright, Vice President of Merchandising at eBay. “This ‘Retail Revival’ Copper Round represents eBay’s purpose, brand and special inventory, offering our shoppers the opportunity to own or gift this one-of-a-kind copper round this holiday season, while supporting small business.”

Supporting small business is the driving motivation behind Retail Revival, a new initiative launched in early 2018.  Through Retail Revival, eBay partners with select cities to bring their local businesses and products online and into the lives of eBay’s 177 million active buyers. Participating businesses receive in-depth training, dedicated coaching and promotional support to enable their successful expansion into our global marketplace.  This program was first launched in Akron, Ohio, followed by Lansing, Michigan and Wolverhampton in the UK, with more cities to be announced soon. Learn more and shop these unique sellers at