CNET: Q&A with Devin Wenig, eBay President and CEO

eBay News Team

Devin discusses artificial intelligence, the future of shopping, and Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey.

This morning, CNET published an interview with our President & CEO Devin Wenig.

The article covered topics include artificial intelligence as the next computing platform revolution, the future of retail and e-commerce, and even touched on the whereabouts of Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey.

“[AI’s disruption] isn't 10 years away. That's not a science fiction fantasy,” said Wenig, describing his vision for how artificial intelligence will improve image recognition and enhance the browsing experience on eBay. 

Wenig also commented on eBay’s values and core issues that are fundamental to the business, as well as his predictions for what shopping will look like in the next ten years. 

Check out the full article, written by Ben Fox Rubin, on CNET.

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