Cosplay, Clowns, Unicorns and More: eBay Data Reveals This Year’s Hottest Halloween Costumes

eBay News Team

Check out the most in-demand costumes and themes for adults, children and pets for this year’s Halloween.

October has officially arrived bringing cooler days, Pumpkin Spice everything, and this year’s latest trends in Halloween costumes for adults, kids and pets.

By looking at its data, eBay has crunched the numbers to find the hottest costumes and themes that are trending for Halloween. While timeless favorites such as comic book legends and horror classics continue to top the searches, the latest characters and trends in pop culture are proving to be just as popular among our shoppers.

“This Halloween, eBay is the one-stop-shop to help find your perfect costume or décor,” said Victoria Perry, Divisional Merchandising Manager at eBay. “By combining this merchandise selection with our unique data insights, we gain direct understanding into our customer’s wants while offering them inspiration to complete each look.”

This year, the National Retail Federation anticipates a record $9.1 billion in Halloween spending as a reported 179 million Americans plan to celebrate the holiday. The bulk of that spending, an estimated $3.4 billion, will go to costumes, with men spending an average of $96 on their ensemble, and women an average of $77. As 22 percent of participants again turn to online retailers for their Halloween shopping, eBay continues to be the ultimate destination for all things Halloween – from the spooky to the heroic. 

Comic book characters favored by eBay shoppers last year still continue to top the search lists, with Batman and Deadpool remaining solidly in the top ten and Spiderman regaining popularity thanks to the latest film adaptation. And for those shoppers looking to channel their inner heroine? Wonder Woman costumes are trending for both people and their furry friends.


Trick-or-treaters and party goers can expect to see a few newcomers to the popular Halloween costume scene, as eBay data reports unicorn costumes trending among both humans and their furry counterparts. But be warned, after breaking horror film records at the box office, “IT” has likely contributed to a surge in the popularity of the clown. Be on the lookout for Pennywise and clowns of all sorts this Hallow’s Eve, as the popular costume is sure to be seen floating around.

While pop culture-inspired costumes reign supreme among shoppers this year, classic Halloween horror remains in the rankings- with Steampunk, Gothic, and Horror categories continuing to serve as inspiration to eBay shoppers. Among the willing (and unwilling) four-legged revelers, pet owners are dressing their canines to fit with pop culture trends, from Star Wars and dragons to dinosaurs and, of course, the timeless hot dog costume.

Here is a full list of the most in-demand costumes for adults, children and pets, all based on eBay findings:

Top Halloween Costumes (and Themes) Sold On eBay*

1.      Descendants

2.      Cosplay

3.      Wonder Woman

4.      Batman

5.      Anime

6.      Clowns & Circus – most likely due to the success of IT

7.      Toys & Games

8.      Steampunk

9.      Medieval & Gothic

10.    Horror

Top Searched Halloween Costumes (and Themes) On eBay**

1.      Unicorn

2.      Pennywise

3.      Cosplay

4.      Harley Quinn

5.      Spiderman

6.      Wonder Woman

7.      Clown

8.      Batman

9.      Deadpool

10.    Game of Thrones

Top Halloween Costumes (and Themes) for Pets

1.       Lion’s Mane

2.       Ewok (Star Wars)

3.       Star Wars

4.       Spider

5.       Wonder Woman

6.       Dragon

7.       Unicorn

8.       Hot Dog

9.       Shark

10.   Dinosaur


*All data based on sold items from 9/3 – 9/22

**All data based on search items from 9/3 – 9/22