eBay China Partners With Chinese Manufacturing Giants

eBay Inc. Staff

More Chinese brands are leveraging eBay to reach global audiences.

In a far-reaching set of deals, eBay China has formed partnerships with three huge Chinese merchants. Professional healthcare product company Breo, and electronics giants Kwong Pontus Telecom & Techno Company, and Aigo, will begin selling their brands globally through eBay.

Breo specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of professional healthcare products. The company introduced the Breo brand name in 2007 to replace the previous name Breeze. It has more than 10 offline stores in regions including Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, and currently exports to Japan, Malaysia, India, Korea and the U.S.

Kwong Pontus Telecom & Techno Company (KPT) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of electronic products, specializing in digital cordless phones and landlines, wireless fixed phones, VoIP phones and related products.

Aigo is also involved in manufacturing digital and electronics equipment. Its products include mobile storage devices, multimedia players, computer peripherals and data security equipment. In 2007, Aigo introduced the world’s first MP5 player that can directly play RMVB files. Aigo has regional offices in Hong Kong, the U.S., Singapore and France, and is a Manchester United and Formula One racing sponsor.

“Cooperation with eBay is an important step for Chinese brands to go global,” said Dandan Cheng, Director of eBay China CBT and Head of Tech Vertical, APAC CBT. “Breo, KPT and Aigo view selling on eBay as essential to increasing their overseas sales and raising brand awareness. They appreciate eBay’s global platform, with more than 94 million active users around the world and support based on our extensive experience in cross-border transactions.”

The eBay China Business Development team is increasingly focused on partnering with local large merchants to enable them to provide a wider selection of quality merchandise at reasonable prices to buyers through eBay’s global platform.

“Many local brands have become increasingly popular since they launched late last year,” Dandan said. “We are excited to see how rapidly they’ve grown their businesses on eBay, and it’s motivating more local brands to engage in CBT on eBay.”