eBay Motors Reveals the Factors Behind America’s Aging Car Force

Survey finds older cars are part of the family and owners are willing to invest in maintenance to keep them running.

eBay Motors today announced the results of its America’s Aging Car Force survey.[1] The findings show that Americans who own a vehicle that is more than five years old are emotionally attached to their cars and trucks. Additionally, the majority of aging vehicle Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers) are purchasing parts and accessories online.

“Various studies have shown that people are holding on to their cars and trucks longer than before, and what we’re seeing is a result of a personal attachment to their vehicles,” said Jay Hanson, eBay’s Vice President of Merchandising of Hard Goods. “Consumers with vehicles that are five years old or older consider their car or truck reliable and in order to maintain this, are increasingly turning to online sources to purchase parts and accessories that will keep their vehicles in top condition.”

Hi, Betsy: Vehicle Owners Are on a First-Name Basis with Their Aging Cars and Trucks

Today’s aging vehicle owners are personally invested in their cars, especially among Millennials,[2] who show the strongest emotional attachment to their vehicles compared to other generations. Further, one in four owners of older vehicles actually go so far as to name their cars.

In fact, the most popular names among all vehicle owners, include:

    • Betsy
    • Ol’ Faithful/Ol’ Reliable
    • Baby
    • Bessie
    • Bob
    • Buddy

Car colors are also a popular name, with Red, Silver and Blue also topping the list. Additionally:

  • Nearly a third (32 percent) of female respondents name their car
  • Nearly 40 percent of Millennials name their car
  • Millennials who drive Fords are most likely to name their cars Betsy or Red

And the Brand Winners of the Popularity Contest are…Toyota and Honda Among Aging Vehicle Owners

  • Toyota Corollas and Honda Accords are the most popular aging car choices among all Millennials
  • Additionally, the most reliable brand of vehicles are the Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla, according to all respondents who selected “my vehicle is very reliable”

What Are People Spending Their Tax Refunds On? Parts and Accessories

With new fitment capabilities, purchase protection plans and general convenience, more and more consumers purchase parts and accessories (P&A) online. In fact, on eBay, three P&As are sold every one second.

P&A is also the top priority for aging vehicle owners who plan to spend money, specifically tax refunds, on auto related items.

  • 50 percent of males expect to spend their tax refund on auto parts and accessories, while more than half (51 percent) of Millennials expect to do so

Furthermore, these P&A purchase methods continue to evolve:

  • More than half of aging vehicle DIYers purchase parts and accessories online
  • More than one-fourth of respondents are exclusively purchasing P&As online

eBay Motors is committed to being the leading vehicle, parts and accessories destination, where shoppers can discover and purchase virtually any vehicle they want or parts that they need to modify, repair, and personalize their rides.

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About eBay Motors

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[1] The survey conducted in February 2016, collected responses from more than 1,000 U.S. vehicle owners – 50 percent male responses and 50 percent female responses – to determine factors that drive Americans to keep their vehicles longer and the current condition of those aging vehicles.

[2] Millennials: Ages 18-34 year old