eBay Senior Leaders Share Their Best Career Advice

Kendall Fields, eBay News Team

On International Women's Day, we lean into the expertise of our leaders to provide insight and advice on how to get the most out of your career.

There has never been a more important time to keep motivated and #PressforProgress. As we all celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History month, we asked our most senior leaders in the company to share some of the best career advice they have received, or advice and insights they have for all of us.  


Marie Oh Huber

SVP Legal Affairs, General Counsel & Secretary

“I'd offer two pieces of advice. First, remember that you are powerful and talented and know that you can change the world in big and small ways every day.  And second, be bold, take risks… don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is what builds stronger, wiser, more mature humans; it drives the courage that ultimately fuels amazing change.”


Wendy Jones

SVP, Global Operations

“Meg Whitman, a former President and CEO of eBay, used to say, ‘Always do the best job you can possibly do at whatever you are assigned, even if it’s not what you imagined you would be doing. Every job or task presents you with an opportunity to shine—the rest will take care of itself’.”


Kris Miller

SVP, Chief Strategy Officer

“One of the best pieces of advice I received was to create my own personal board of directors—4-5 people who know me well and can advise me on achieving my goals. I selected people who challenge me to think bigger or act bolder. People who support me, but will deliver tough feedback when needed. People who help clarify decisions and share their own personal experiences.  I check in with these individuals quarterly, via live chats and face-to-face discussions. And I return the favor whenever possible, with advice for their situation. Who’s on your personal board of directors?”

KristenKristin Yetto

SVP, Chief People Officer

“There are two pieces of advice I’d offer. First, always be authentic and true to who you are—what drives you and what matters to you. Second, over-invest in the people who will both listen to you, and offer honest and direct feedback. Relationships that originate from work often transcend it; consider them and treat them as a gift.”


Vivian Tian

General Manager, China Center of Excellence

“The internet industry has developed far beyond imagination and this technology trend has brought women even more opportunities than ever before. To further career development, it is becoming critical that women—especially young women remember ‘Never set boundaries for yourself and always drive for excellence’.”


Isa Mueller-Wegner

VP, Emerging European Countries

“Find something that you are passionate about and then give it your all. As you progress in your career, be clear about your priorities and allow them to evolve over time. Confidently trust your gut when you make trade-offs. And finally, don’t let anyone else tell you what you can and cannot do—you are the best judge of that. And if that means doing things differently from the majority, then so be it!”


Bora Chung

VP, Chief Product Officer, eBay Korea

“Always have a North Star career goal, even if you are just getting started in your career. It’s OK to reassess the goal every few years, as there are many paths to get there. Be excellent in what you do because your competency will build your confidence. Don’t forget to pay attention to your soft skills. Develop your ability to listen, read the room, be curious, empathize and influence in your own authentic way.”


Kelly Vincent

VP, Product and Engineering

“The best advice I have ever received was ‘be yourself’. I was spending way too much time trying to be the ‘ideal’ executive, when in fact I wasn’t playing to my strengths or leveraging the things about me that would drive my career forward. Plus, it’s WAY more fun to be who you are and bring your authentic self to the table every day.”