eBay Updates iPhone, iPad, Android Apps: Simplifies Buying, Selling

Dave Cheng, Director of Mobile Product, eBay

Last year, we reignited our mobile commerce strategy with our redesigned eBay for iPad app. Our aim remains to engage and delight new customers, while empowering our most loyal and long term customers with the best buying and selling tools in the industry.

Today, I’m happy to announce the latest updates to our iPhone, iPad and Android apps. We are constantly integrating feedback from customers, and I’m inspired by the progress we continue to make. Today we are delivering a modest, but important set of improvements for both the buyer and seller experience. And, we’ve also added a few global enhancements that make it easier for our global buyers to purchase from the comfort of their mobile devices.  

Let’s take a look:


iPad 3.4.1

We have made it easier for buyers to easily keep tabs on their favorite Searches, Recently Viewed Items, Watched Items and Members & Collections. Following is now more personalized – allowing you to discover and organize the items you’re looking for on eBay, whether it’s a set of diamond studs or that teal Anthropologie vase that will look perfect out on your porch. Whatever you’re after, it’s now all in one place.

For Sellers, listing items has never been easier.  Just tap on the SELL icon on the top of the screen and you are ready to go.  We have also made it easier for you to stay on top of the items that you are selling by adding status indicators to My eBay Selling.

And to entice you to try our new app, go to the TODAY screen and access over 50 limited time deals.  Hurry! The deals are only available until March 27. This is a good time to buy Beats Headphones (70% off) and Jawbone wireless speakers (60% off).


iPhone 3.5.2 and Android 2.9

For both of our iPhone and Android apps, we’ve made several updates for international buyers and sellers.  

  • In India, we have added PaisaPay support
  • In Russia, we have added payment support.
  • In Australia, we have added local capabilities with buy online, pickup-in-store options.
  • And, our latest Android update sports Google Now card support.


The apps are available in eight languages across 190 countries.  

You can now download the new apps for free in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With a variety of enhancements for buyers and sellers in the U.S. and internationally, these updates have something for everyone.

So, what does the future hold?

At eBay we are hard at work inventing the future of commerce. Technology advancements are accelerating all around us, and they are opening doors to so many exciting possibilities for our customers. The potential is limitless. We are focused on making big improvements for both buyers and sellers, and have some exciting things in the works.  More features, more customization, and more control of your shopping and your selling.