eBay’s Holiday Airstream Is Rolling into Town to Remind Shoppers to ‘Check eBay’

eBay News Team

Crowds browse coveted holiday items, pick up clever gift ideas and discover eBay’s holiday deals during the nationwide tour.

The ‘Did You Check eBay’ Holiday Airstream tour kicked off in New York City to a steady stream of Black Friday shoppers. In the heart of one of Manhattan’s busy Greeley Square, visitors stopped to learn more about eBay’s top holiday deals while enjoying a unique and hands-free shopping experience, customized cups of hot cocoa and chances at winning at an interactive claw machine game.

In between “grabbing” some of the season’s trending and scarce gifts, shoppers also took away personalized gift ideas with the help of eBay's AI technology and the Google Home Mini.

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Very special guests also paid the Airstream a visit. Building consumer excitement for the tour’s launch, actress and recording artist Kat Graham popped in to check out the retail display. The Airstream also attracted Harlem Globetrotter Crissa Jackson, who stopped by after finishing a game in nearby Madison Square Garden. Shopping expert Anna De Souza was also on hand to share her holiday shopping tips and highlight eBay’s Price Match Guarantee and Guaranteed Delivery programs, reminding shoppers to “check eBay” for all of their holiday gift needs.

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Over the next few weeks, the eBay Holiday Airstream will roll into Chicago, Denver, Seattle and San Jose, showcasing eBay’s unparalleled holiday selection and deals for shoppers around the country.

You can catch the eBay Airstream in a city near you:

  • Chicago: Pioneer Court, November 30 and December 1

  • Denver: Christkindl Market, December 4 and 5

  • Seattle: Westlake Center Plaza, December 9 and 10

  • San Jose: Cesar Chavez Plaza Christmas in the Park, December16 and 17

And if you can’t make it to one of the upcoming stops, you can still shop the featured deals online at ebay.com/Airstream.

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