French Seller Auctions Joan Miró Art Series on eBay

eBay News Team

The 22 pieces were appraised and valued at more than $130,000.

After using art appraisal services offered regionally by eBay France, a seller found that their collection of works from renowned artist, Joan Miró, was worth thousands of dollars. Starting today and ending the morning of May 13 CEST, the colorful, graphic works are available via auction to art lovers and enthusiasts around the world with international shipping.

This series of works were created in 1957 by the acclaimed surrealist and dubbed "Suite La Bague d’Aurore." Following a detailed valuation from a French expert, the pieces were estimated to be worth approximately €120,000, or $130,000. The collection is particularly unique in that it is available as a complete series; more often such art is available piece by piece to collectors, so securing the entire set is a rare opportunity for those in the art community.

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Joan Miró’s creations join those of other famous artists from the decades including Yoshitomo Nara, tokidoki and Andy Warhol, which have also appeared on eBay. This auction marks a thriving interest in art and collectibles among users and highlights the rare and exceptional pieces that can be found on the marketplace. Whether art is sourced from leading galleries around the world or discovered as hidden treasures in the attic, users can find a breadth of authenticated paintings, photographs, sculptures and more. 

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