Mini Stories: How an eBay Seller is Helping Donate Protective Gear to South Korean Groups

eBay News Team

In South Korea, eBay seller Jacob Jonghyung Lee is donating protective gear to children’s cancer associations, community centers and nonprofit organizations to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Editor’s note: During this unprecedented time, we’re highlighting the individual acts of kindness from our global seller community. Now through June, we’ll share a story about one of our sellers on how they’re paying it forward in our Mini Stories column.

eBay sellers around the world are searching for ways to support their communities and protect the most vulnerable populations from the devastating effects of COVID-19. 

In South Korea, longtime eBay seller Jacob Jonghyung Lee sells clothes, cosmetics and electronics on Gmarket and Auction. Knowing local hospitals were facing a shortage of crucial resources in helping treat COVID-19 patients, Jacob decided to tap his professional network to help locate and crowdsource personal protection equipment (PPE) to donate.

Recipients of donated infrared thermometers

Responding to a call from eBay Korea employees looking to support the heavily impacted Daegu-Gyeongbuk region, Jacob has already succeeded in sourcing 3,600 masks, almost 240 pieces of protective clothing, 770 hand sanitizers and over 20 thermometers. With the intent to support health care facilities with the most urgent need for supplies, Jacob donated to a children’s cancer association, community centers for vulnerable groups and nonprofit organizations for those with disabilities in the nation’s most virus-affected Daegu-Gyeongbuk region.  

Infrared thermometers donated to local health care facilities  

For Jacob, sourcing protective equipment for those in need is rewarding and also provides him a source of happiness during these challenging times. “I’m just thankful that I can be of help,” he said.

Since 1995, our purpose has been clear: to empower people and create economic opportunity. We’re committed to helping our sellers during this difficult time. 

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