The Imagine Diary: eCommerce Confab Kicks Off

eBay Inc. Staff

The Imagine 2014 eCommerce Conference has officially begun in sunny Las Vegas!

Excitement is in the air as 1,900 Merchants, Partners, Developers, Digital Industry Experts and Open Source Enthusiasts, from over 40 countries, in the city for three days of networking, collaboration, cutting-edge sessions and, of course, imagination!  

Once again, "All Things Orange" invaded Las Vegas and took over this year's conference location, the Hard Rock Hotel. You could feel the infectious energy at every turn. 

They say that "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas", however the sessions and insights delivered within this year's Imagine will help spark new ideas, drive new partnerships, and fuel growth for Merchants, Partners, and Developers for months to come. 

eBay Merchant Forum and Magento U Certifications 

Today’s events started off strong with the eBay Inc. Merchant Solutions Forum. The event, specifically designed for our global Solution Partners, did not disappoint, as those in attendance were privy to a wide array of insights and topics from eBay Inc. subject matter experts.

The conversation encompassed connected commerce solutions that help merchants grow on the Magento platform, as well as opportunities for growth across PayPal, Braintree, and eBay Marketplaces. 

The morning also held host to our on-site Magento Developer Certification. With over 2,900 Certified Developers already in the program, we’re looking forward to ushering in additional Developers throughout the conference! 

Afternoon Session and the Marketplace Opens 

The afternoon kicked off with the Magento session, "How to Achieve Success Using Magento’s Extensive Network of Solution Partners." The panel discussion featured a mix of our Gold and Silver Solution Partners actively speaking to their business needs for establishing high value, long lasting, and quality partnerships with Industry Partners.

Through open Q&A, topics varied from the best way to create engagement, how to generate additional value, extension evaluation, and capabilities that will provide the best opportunity for future growth and success.

The event was well received, bringing our Solution and Industry Partners much closer together through this special networking opportunity.  We also hosted a dedicated Magento U session for attendees looking to further understand the functionality of a multi-website business, leveraging the Magento platform's full capabilities.

The course covered Magento's multi-site architecture, specifically how it provides support for multiple functionalities and business locations across all brands.  At 3:00 p.m., the "Imagine & Marketplace Grand Opening" officially commenced, with over 100 exhibitors spanning across the Muse hall. For Merchants, Partners and Developers, this is their opportunity to meet with existing customers, attract new customers, all while showcasing their latest and greatest innovations.

BarCamps for Developers and Designers 

Towards the later part of the afternoon, we held two BarCamp Networking events—one for Developers, and, as a very first, a BarCamp specifically focused for Designers.

 We always look forward to hosting BarCamp every year, as it's a unique opportunity for Developers, and now Designers, to learn about a myriad of Magento topics in short, rapid-fire presentations, also providing an opportunity for them to present to the group. 

The most popular topics at the Developer BarCamp included tracks on “Magento Mobile SDK for iOS and Android,” “Maximizing Customer Experiences Through a High Performing Web Design,” and the “Importance of Test Driven Development.”

In the Designer BarCamp, highlights included conversation around how to “Revamp And Groom Your UI Copy,” “Responsive eCommerce,” as well as how to “Transform Your Online Store From Selling a Product to Selling an Experience.” 

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