Media Responds to the New eBay Homepage Feed

eBay Inc. Staff


In October of last year, eBay debuted a pilot test of its redesigned homepage featuring “Feed,” an interface enhancement that offers users very visual, personalized streams of products and items of interest to them.  Until now, Feed has been available to a test group of users, but this week it is rolling out widely to U.S.-based users.

The media has produced much coverage of the rollout. “Since launching Feed a few months ago, eBay has observed higher traffic from users, more engagement  and increased purchase behavior,” CNET reported. Here are soundbytes from some of the other media stories appearing this week:

  • “It’s not surprising that eBay is diving deep on providing a sleeker, more streamlined and visual experience. And with the enormous amount of data eBay has accumulated over the years, the company is delving into personalization and curation in a big way. We know this is the future of ecommerce, so it’s a wise bet.” TechCrunch
  • “The company’s homepage is used by registered users to personalize and manage how they shop on the site. “ – Investor’s Business Daily
  • It’s a big redesign for eBay, but it’s just a small step in the company’s ongoing march toward more data mining, customization and social-networking tie-ins.” – MSN Money
  • “[eBay]debuted what was being called the biggest redesign of its homepage in the company’s history — big because it potentially will be a different homepage for every eBay user.” – MarketWatch

You can find out more about Feed, and see how it works, at