PayPal: On Protecting the People Economy

Christina Smedley, Vice President, Global Brand and Communications, PayPal

There has never been a busier time than now in mobile payments. It seems as though every day there is a new story or announcement about change. Every company has a corporate DNA and for PayPal it is payments.

At PayPal, we will process a staggering 1 billion mobile payments this year, and with this week's announcement about Braintree accepting Bitcoin, we are poised to embrace new currency solutions. We've been centered on payments for 15 years working across all platforms, all parts of the ecosystem and compliant with regulations. Keeping people’s money safe is our top priority.

Consumers and Merchants should ask themselves the following:

- Do they trust the brand that's managing their payments?

- Do they have a choice of funding?

- Are you able to use any device?

- Who can you talk to when things may go wrong?

With this in mind we’ve updated our brand campaign and are releasing some new elements today – check them out in a video - plus some digital work which centers on some of the concerns we know that people have. We all want our money to be secure.

Protecting the People Economy – it’s what PayPal is all about.


Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the PayPal Forward blog.