Shop Small. Save Big. Spark Change.

eBay News Team

Celebrate small businesses in a curated shopping experience highlighting inventory and deals from eBay entrepreneurs.

Whether it’s a third generation family business from Alabama leveraging ecommerce to increase sales or a jewelry designer in Mexico hoping to reach customers in new markets, at eBay, we are incredibly proud of the millions of eBay sellers who use our platform to do business every day. These small businesses are the essence of who we are—not only do they bring a vast selection of products to our marketplace, they also bring a passion, knowledge and personalized touch that’s unique to eBay.

On, November 25, we’re celebrating Small Business Saturday, a grassroots movement to support the small businesses that are the backbone of the American economy.  At eBay we’ve always had a rich tradition of supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses all over the world. Supporting and celebrating these entrepreneurs is central to who we are. Since we were founded 22 years ago, we’ve worked tirelessly to build a marketplace that enables any small business to reach millions of buyers around world with just a few clicks.

To celebrate the small businesses around the world who fuel our marketplace and are drivers in their communities and the economy, we’re highlighting the best inventory and deals from some of our small business sellers in a curated shopping experience. From cameras to handbags, to trending toys, this holiday season you don’t have to fight the Black Friday crowds, you can find great gifts at amazing prices and shop small, right from the comfort of your own couch.