Want to Buy a Venerable Texas Dance Hall? Get it on eBay

Sebastian Rupley, eBay News Team

Texas’ second oldest dance hall launched with an auction price of $1, but look for a much higher final sale price.

What’s a dance hall worth? More than you may think, according to Doug Guller, CEO of ATX Brands, which owns Schroeder Hall in Goliad, Texas. Guller has owned Schroeder Hall since 2014, and is now auctioning the venerable and storied venue on eBay.

Schroeder Hall is Texas’ second oldest dance hall, and music legends including Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Conway Twitty have played there. The dance hall was originally a shoe store, grocery store and saloon, built back in 1887.

"Schroeder Hall has seen so many legends walk onto its stage, and I'd love to see that tradition continue for many more years to come,” said Guller. “It's been an honor being the owner of such a legendary dance hall."

 Guller has chosen eBay for his auction because he wants to reach the widest possible audience. Notably, the dance hall is only part of the overall auction. It measures 14,000 square feet, has a 6,000-square-foot oak dance floor and sits on 5 acres, but the eBay sale also includes a two-acre lot across the street with two houses and a shed.

 Is it so far-fetched that a dance hall would sell on eBay? Hardly. One of eBay’s strengths is the very broad spectrum of value that we offer. Entire towns and even Gulfstream jets have sold on our platform before.

 We will update this story with the final sale price for Schroeder Hall later this month. Stay tuned.