Productivity Commission lays out a clear recommendation to Australian retailers to get online

Press Release

PayPal and eBay announced today that they will continue to deepen relationships and partner with Australia’s traditional retailers to help them embrace the new retail landscape, following today’s report by the Productivity Commission.

With online shopping predicted to grow at least twice as fast as the total retail market over the next four years[1], the report outlines the necessity for Australian retailers to adopt a multi-channel strategy in order to access an increasingly savvy group of consumers.

“Today’s report clearly highlights the opportunities available to Australian bricks and mortar retailers that embrace online. As an online payments solution for over 40,000 local businesses, we know that when retailers are equipped with both the tools and knowledge to establish an online presence, they have been able to successfully tap the phenomenal growth in this sector,” said Frerk-Malte Feller, Managing Director for PayPal Australia.

The opportunity for local operators is also successfully demonstrated by businesses operating on, with the largest 2,000 domestic businesses growing 38 per cent last year[2].

Deborah Sharkey, eBay Vice President and Managing Director for eBay Australia and New Zealand, said: “Today’s guidance from the Productivity Commission outlines a clear message for Australian retailers; they must embrace online in order to remain competitive and relevant to consumers.”

As Australia’s leading marketplace, eBay is increasingly helping domestic retailers to access the almost 6 million Australians who visit eBay each month.

Russell Zimmerman, Executive Director of the Australian Retailers Association said: “There is no doubt retailers need to respond to current consumer demand by including online eCommerce offerings in their business mix. The ARA looks forward to continuing and further partnerships with PayPal and eBay to help Australian bricks and mortar retailers get online.”


[1] Digital Media Research 2011, PwC and Frost & Sullivan, July 2011

[2] Online Business Index 2011, eBay Australia, March 2011