5 Shades of Red uncovers how wearing the right shade of rouge can emotionally steer your Valentine’s evening

With Valentine’s Day just a heartbeat away; the colour red is all around us. Although it is renowned for its universal emotional properties of evoking love and affection, eBay has uncovered that selecting a specific hue of the primary tone, can incite very different psychological responses.

eBay has teamed up with colour expert Lilian Verner-Bonds, (President of the International Association of Colour) to identify the five key shades of red for romance - investigating how the right rouge can enhance any look - whether for a daring first date or intimate couples’ evening. With sales of red items spiking over 180%* in the past month alone, it seems Brits are keen to embrace the power of red.

Verner-Bonds explained: “Being the colour of physical movement - red excites our emotions and motivates us to take action, therefore is the perfect colour to embrace with your style this Valentine’s. It has a vast range of different tints and shades, which affect us in quite different and interesting ways. As red enables women to attract romance, I advise people to see which of these five aspects of red you are drawn to, as each shade will appeal to different personalities.”


1. Scarlet Red

Lillian: The brightest red of all, scarlet red is the epitome of Saint Valentine and the perfect shade for romance as the red energy inspires action and anticipation.

Celebrity Style Tip: Why not take inspiration from Rita Ora and draw attention to yourself with a stunning scarlet dress?

2. Crimson Red

Lillian: Crimson red has a cool touch of blue in it, which communicates originality and style. The crimson red personality is an individual and free spirit, who believes that the secret of life is to be loved.

Celebrity Style Tip: Show your individuality and style with an eye-catching crimson clutch - a favourite of Taylor Swift.

3. Flame Red

Lillian: With a touch of yellow, those drawn to flame red have a real zest and zeal for life. They are as quick as a burning flame if caught up in love and often favour fun clothes.

Celebrity Style Tip: Like Jennifer Lopez, those who fix on flame red are hot on their heels! A seductive stiletto is sure to add a kick of confidence to your look and ignite your night.

4. Russet Red

Lillian: Russet is a shade of red with a hint of black and orange. As a darker red, emotionally it encourages quiet confidence. Those attracted to russet red do not like to draw too much attention to themselves yet command a room with their subtle smoulder.

Celebrity Style Tip: Luscious lips are essential for seduction. With the most coveted pout around, Kylie Jenner often rocks a russet lipstick - the perfect way to add an edge to a date night look.

5. Maroon Red

Lillian: Maroon is a dark shade of red with black beneath its surface. The nature of the colour is that it shows one has endurance; maroon lends the power of deep thinking and understanding.

Celebrity Style Tip: Take beauty cues from Rihanna and finish your tips with maroon red nail polish - the perfect vampy varnish to bring out your inner vixen.

It seems that most Brits will provoke quiet confidence this Valentine’s Day, with sales for Russet Red proving most popular** out of the five shades, in the lead-up to Sunday.

For every shade of red this Valentine’s Day, is the perfect destination for all your beauty and fashion finds for romance. 


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Notes to Editor:

 * sales of ‘red items’ +183% from January 2 - February 4 2016
** sales comparison from January 20 – February 4 2016:
1. Russet red: +166%
2. Crimson red: +105%
3. Maroon red: +56%
4. Scarlet red: +41%
5. Flame red: +35%

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