£700 Million Wasted on Unwanted Gifts this Christmas

Brits can ‘upgrade’ their unwanted Christmas presents by selling on this year

Research released by eBay and TNS suggests £700 million was spent by British shoppers on unwanted Christmas presents last year - equivalent to £28.53 per person.

The research reveals that of the eleven gifts the average person received last Christmas, at least one was left unloved under the tree.

A fifth of those aged under 35 say they usually ‘re-home’ unwanted gifts by selling them on after Christmas, and over a third of these savvy sellers (39%) plan to use the funds raised to replace their unwanted gifts with something that they really want.

Other findings show:

  • The most wanted presents Brits hope to find under the tree this year are: Gadgets, clothes and a trip away
  • The least wanted presents Brits will be leaving under the tree this year are: Power tools/ DIY equipment, home appliances, and an experience (e.g. trip in a hot air balloon)
  • Those most guilty of buying unwanted gifts are; Uncles, Aunts and in-laws
  • A quarter of Brits (27%) recycle unwanted presents by giving them to someone else as a gift

Julia Hutton-Potts, eBay spokesperson said, “We all know how it feels to open a turkey of a gift at Christmas. The good news is that offers a chance to upgrade an unwanted gift by selling it to buy something you really want. Whether it’s the wrong size, a duplicate or it’s just not for you, ‘re-homing’ an unwanted present means it will find a new owner who appreciates it, as well as allowing you to buy something you really want with the money.”