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Baking on the 'rise'

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New research by eBay has revealed that whether aged 16 or 60, baking and cooking are now the nation’s favourite pastimes across generations.


In the week that sees the new format of the The Great British Bake Off grace our screens, it appears that Brits are a nation of wannabe bakers. New research by eBay has revealed that whether aged 16 or 60, baking and cooking are now the nation’s favourite pastimes across generations.

One in three of the 1,500 participants who took part in eBay’s survey to discover how people in the UK shop to express their individuality, personality and passions, stated that cooking was one of their passions and also the area of their lives where they were most likely to express their individuality and personality.

Since ‘Bake Off’ fever began Brits have been filling their carts with cookware items in preparation. In the days leading up to last night’s premier, searches for KitchenAid on its UK marketplace more than tripled.


How Brits shopped in the lead up to Bake Off:

  • After the ‘Bake Off’ advert launched on 5th August, searches for mixing bowl almost doubled, with 69% of those searches on mobile


  • Cake tin searches doubled after the launch of the ad on 5th August – 78% of those searches were on mobile as Brits are inspired on the move


  • Searches for cake decorating increased to 19 searches per hour after the ad launched and by 20th August were up to 22 searches per hour.


  • Searches for cake stand went from 495 searches a day to 692 searches a day after the advert launched  - ‘rising’ to one search every two seconds


  • Remarkably, bunting searches also shot up after the ad screened. The day after the ad, bunting searches were at their highest all month with a search every two seconds.


However, despite the anticipation regarding the new format, when it comes to what Brits rate, Mary Berry is still Britain’s favourite cooking and baking show judge, with more than 400 Mary Berry related items sold on the online marketplace since the new ‘Bake Off’ advert aired.

That’s one every hour, and more than double the amount of items sold related to Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith put together in the same time period.[1]

Rob Hattrell, VP for eBay UK said, “We at eBay believe every shopper is unique. whether you are looking for something new, nearly new or used; or that special item to drive your passion for cooking, decorating or cycling; eBay is the place to find the perfect item that makes you, you.”




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[1]Data taken from 05.08.17 – 26.08.17