Pack it in: reveals Brits fail to get a foothold on the ‘possessions ladder’ when they move house

Brits are failing to get a foothold on the ‘possessions ladder’ when they move house according to new research from online marketplace
Though the average home has £4,000  of unwanted items lying around, just a fifth of people (22%) are canny enough to sell items to fund the purchase of items for a new home. 
Despite a third (36%) of us thinking we’d need at least £1,500 to upgrade our possessions, nearly half of us admitted we’ve knowingly packed and kept items we’ll never use in our new place.

With expensive items such as the sofa cited as the item 23% of us want to upgrade first in our new pad, followed by the bed (17%) and the TV (7%) Brits are not necessarily making the most of the opportunity to get rid of the old to fund the new.

Rhian Bartlett, senior director of home, garden and fashion, eBay says: “At we know that our homes are truly our castles and that investing time, money and energy in the places we live can be hugely rewarding. With this in mind, it’s hard to believe that people don’t always use this period as a chance to upgrade on both the property, and the possessions ladder. Sofas are a case in point – whether it’s a starter sofa for the studio flat or a luxurious corner suite for the country pile.

Added Rhian, “This is why we’ve launched our home move hub, containing handy tips and guides as well as products, to help with everything from moving day to buying and selling, to create the home of your dreams.”

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