Bid on Four Tickets to Super Bowl XLV

Richard Brewer-Hay

eBay Mobile and Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers have launched a charity auction on offering four tickets to Super Bowl XLV in Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX, Sunday, February 6th at 6:30pm ET. The four seats are located in section 127, lower level, end zone corner.

100% of the final sale price will support OPERATION ONCE IN A LIFETIME.

Super Bowl XLV Charity Auction

How can YOU help OPERATION ONCE IN A LIFETIME and US Soldiers?

Operation Once in a Lifetime’s mission is to make the dreams of U.S. Soldiers and their families come true by providing free financial and morale support to U.S Service members, their families and veterans regardless of rank, deployment, physical condition or branch or service. You Serve, You Qualify.

Operation Once in a lifetime is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization created to make the dreams of U.S. soldiers come true. The dream of a soldier is to come home alive, unwounded, to train safe, to love their country, their unit and their family. However being a soldier is not easy; it is filled with hardship, not just physically or emotionally, but financially.

Operation Once in a Lifetime was created by a soldier to help other soldiers; a soldier knows what a soldier needs and a soldier knows what a soldier does not need. A soldier does not need to worry about providing beds for their kids, worrying if their electricity will still be on when he goes home or if their house will be foreclosed on when serving his/her country. A soldier needs a program that will provide free financial assistance regardless of their rank, race, religion, orientation, branch of service, physical condition or deployment status. A soldier needs a program that can help make a life altering contribution when they are in their greatest need; Operation Once in a Lifetime is that program.

I believe the four tickets are valued at $5,000 each and the current highest bid is $6,000 for all four. If my Dolphins were in the Super Bowl (man… it has become a joke to even type that sentence) I would definitely be tempted to put in a bid myself.