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eBay Celebrates Global Tiger Day with World Wildlife Fund

Mike Carson, Director, Global Policy and Regulatory Management

eBay is raising awareness of the work that’s still needed to save tigers from extinction.

Two Tigers © Vivek R. Sinha

Today, in celebration of Global Tiger Day, eBay is raising awareness and support for actions that highlight the work that’s still needed to save tigers from extinction. Today, around 3,900 tigers remain in the wild – and poaching is one of their biggest threats. Every part of the tiger, from whiskers to tail, as well as live tiger cubs are traded illegally – which is why we ban the trade of all tigers and tiger products.

For over a decade, eBay has taken a leadership role in fighting online wildlife trafficking on our marketplace. In 2008, we introduced our global ban on ivory sales and have since continued to collaborate with government agencies, NGOs, industry peers and members of the eBay community to help us enforce our Animal and Wildlife Products policy. As a result of these efforts, we blocked or removed about 65,000 listings globally in the first half of 2019 that violate our policy. We also joined forces with some of the world’s largest ecommerce, technology and social media companies as part of the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online. Organized by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), TRAFFIC and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), this coalition creates an industry-wide approach to reduce wildlife trafficking online by 80% by 2020. 

Beyond the coalition, as a partner of the Wildlife Trafficking Alliance, we also support the “Be Informed, Buy Informed” campaign to raise consumer awareness about illegal wildlife products and continue to support proposals by regulators and law enforcement to further restrict wildlife trafficking.

You can support the work of WWF and IFAW every day on eBay. Make WWF and IFAW a Favorite Charity on eBay and make a donation when you buy and sell. For more information and how to support, visit www.ebay.com/WWF or www.ebay.com/IFAW. 

Every day should be #GlobalTigerDay until we end wildlife trafficking. When shopping on eBay, help us reach our goal by reporting any illegal wildlife products for removal.