eBay Inc Helps Fuel 'Big Green Bus' Environmental Mission

eBay Inc. Staff


Students from Dartmouth College are touring the country in the biodiesel-powered Big Green Bus, visiting different communities and sharing stories about sustainability. This week, they rolled into eBay Inc.’s headquarters in San Jose for a visit.

This is the ninth summer for the Big Green Bus tour, which is organized by a student environmental advocacy group. eBay Inc.’s Green Team is a sponsor of the tour.

“The eBay Inc. Green Team is so happy to be a 2013 sponsor of the Big Green Bus,” said J.D. Norton, Global Manager, Social Innovation Employee Engagement.  “The work they are doing as they travel across the country, and the message they are spreading, about threats to our global environment, is one that desperately needs to be spread.”

The students seemed impressed in turn by eBay Inc.’s commitment to corporate environmental responsibility. Tim Serkes said that he used to consider corporations a problem for the environmental movement, but now he sees companies that have strong values, such as eBay, as allies in the fight to make the world a better place. Heck, he’d even consider working for a big corporation over a small environmental NGO.

The Big Green Bus previously had visited eBay Inc.’s office in Austin, and participated in a park cleanup with staffers.

“The Big Green Bus volunteer event and shared experience panels served as a call to action to create solutions that not only enhance customer experiences, but balance innovation with green design,” said Chris Hartley, a co-chair of the Austin Green Team.