eBay Surges in Climate Counts 3rd Annual Corporate Climate Scores Report

Richard Brewer-Hay

According to the Climate Counts Blog, the biggest jump in their third annual Corporate Climate Scores was by eBay. With a jump of 48 points to 53 (yes, I realize that this means eBay was pretty low this time last year), eBay stands out among a list of 90 well-known consumer companies. For the second straight year, Nike’s score of 83 points (out of a possible 100) topped the list.

eBay Green Team logo

Climate Counts also found that the improved scores of a number of the companies it evaluates were more than just incremental. Scores surged for previously low-scoring companies like eBay (a jump of 48 points), US Airways (up 43 points to match most of the top scorers in a relatively low-scoring sector), Apple (up 41 points), and Levi Strauss (up 36 points) when many such companies became much more engaged in quantifying and reducing their impact on climate change and in supporting public policy on climate (or opposing the climate positions of groups like the US Chamber of Commerce).

Climate Counts uses a 22-criteria scorecard to track corporate climate action in four key areas: measurement of impact; reduction of impact; engagement on public policy related to climate change; and openness and transparency with consumers on corporate climate activities.

The 5 Companies profiled in the Internet/Software Sector were as follows:
Microsoft — 61
eBay — 53
Google — 52
Yahoo! — 46
Amazon.com — 14

A PDF of the full eBay scorecard can be viewed here.

53 out of a possible 100 means we still have a long way to go but it’s a great step forward for eBay and a testament to everyone involved with the eBay Green Team. Congrats!