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After moving his family from Syria to the UK, Moh Agha found success selling on eBay. Today, he helps others in his community launch their own businesses.

Millions of people from all around the world connect on eBay. Each time that happens, something positive happens in the world. These are the stories of everyday people on eBay making an extraordinary difference in the lives of others.

Moh Agha left his home in Damascus, Syria to escape civil unrest and start a new life for his family in the UK. In need of a reliable income, he decided to start his own business on eBay.

What he refers to as an “online halal shop,” Moh’s inventory is comprised of traditional Arabic and Syrian goods that are close to impossible to find at local European grocery stores. He finds that this gives displaced refugees the opportunity to access to some of their native staples and get a piece of home delivered directly to their doorsteps.

In his spare time, Moh hosts an ongoing series of workshops geared toward the Muslim community in the UK, teaching budding entrepreneurs how to navigate eBay’s seller platform and manage their online businesses, free of charge.

Commonly referred to as “The eBay Doctor,” Moh spends countless hours on the phone with individual students to help troubleshoot issues. For those of his students who struggle to communicate with their buyers, Moh will often step in and help with the translation process.

“I'm proud that he is my friend, and he is offering his service to others to help them achieve their targets and their dreams, as well,” says Abdul, a regular attendee of Moh’s workshops. “He offers me even support whenever I need, even when I'm struggling to understand. He is there for full help and support.”

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