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SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--LEWEB 2011 — At the LeWeb 2011 conference in Paris, X.commerce today announced that several new partners have joined its global partner ecosystem which includes commerce leaders eBay, PayPal and Magento. In addition, more than 500 companies and individuals have pledged their support for the ecosystem by taking The X.commerce Pledge, which recognizes early contributors to the ecosystem.

“From the start, Kabbage committed itself to helping online merchants grow and compete on a national and international level through painless and fast access to working capital”

X.commerce offers the ecosystem developers need to create new solutions to meet today’s social, local, mobile and digital-driven commerce. Partners across the spectrum of commerce technology are eager to join the X.commerce ecosystem to provide innovative new technologies to merchants and change the world of commerce.

X.commerce brings together a global selection of developers and partners. The newest partners include:

  • FreeAgent Inspired by their vision to democratize accounting, FreeAgent’s online accounting system has rapidly built a global community of thousands of small businesses and freelancers who love their easy-to-use software that helps to put them back in control of their finances. Users can send invoices, track time and expenses, build real-time accounts and more.
  • Kabbage leverages online data and technology to offer working capital in less than 10 minutes to online merchants and the millions of companies that sell online.
  • Kenshoo helps merchants of all sizes increase sales by creating automated digital marketing campaigns on search engines and social networks to generate demand for their products and services.
  • La Poste / So Colissimo offers France-based e-merchant customers the choice to have products delivered to where they want: at home or among 13,000 pick-up points (post offices, convenience stores, automatic lockers, etc.).
  • Lengow offers a Web interface for ecommerce sites which helps to centralize, optimize and track the distribution of their product catalogues toward comparison shopping sites, marketplaces, affiliate networks, sponsored links and social networks.
  • Locayta is one of the leading online merchandising and onsite search solution providers, enabling ecommerce businesses to take total control over their online sales performance with the most advanced behavioral and search driven merchandising technology. The company’s tools are currently driving sales for many of the leading UK brands.
  • Postcode Anywhere supplies software and services which improve the day-to-day operations of more than 8,000 organisations worldwide. Best known as a provider of address auto-fill and verification software, the company offers a range of data-driven services, including route planning, customer profiling and bank account validation. It is now the fastest-growing reseller of Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF®) and the market leader for online address auto-fill.
  • Shipwire provides outsourced ecommerce order fulfillment and inventory storage to sellers around the world from distribution warehouses in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. Shipwire and X.commerce will provide sellers instant access to new markets while cutting shipping costs to end-buyers.
  • Tradebox provides a desktop application designed to integrate online marketplaces with Sage Accounts, allowing users to manage, control and account for their online sales and stock at a touch of a button.
  • Synolia, an ecommerce and CRM specialist is the first French partner of SugarCRM, the world’s leading Open Source CRM Solution, and a Silver Solution Partner of the ecommerce platform Magento. Synolia provides CRM and E-Business solutions for all types of businesses in the European market and counts more than 450 customers all over Europe.

LeWeb 2011 attendees are invited to visit booth G3 where they will have the opportunity to take The X.commerce Pledge, view product demonstrations and learn more about how they can join the X.commerce ecosystem to help define the future of commerce.

Supporting Quotes:

FreeAgent: “We’re delighted to have been invited to be part of the X.commerce community right from the start,” said Ed Molyneux, CEO, FreeAgent. “The X.commerce platform has the potential to be the holy grail of truly standards-based integration across every kind of ecommerce function. Just as FreeAgent seeks to ‘democratize accounting’, X.commerce will democratize ecommerce by allowing businesses of any size to make their processes nearly frictionless.”

Kabbage: “From the start, Kabbage committed itself to helping online merchants grow and compete on a national and international level through painless and fast access to working capital,” said Rob Frohwein, CEO, Kabbage. “We were thrilled to learn of X.commerce, which shares our vision for the growth of online merchants in what is a challenging economic climate. With the X.commerce and Kabbage integration, online merchants can rest assured that the capital they need to thrive will be available.”

Kenshoo: “X.commerce makes it easy for merchants to operate and compete globally by centralizing all the various facets of commerce from website creation to sales fulfillment on one platform,” said Sivan Metzger, General Manager, Kenshoo Local and Social. “Kenshoo is proud to power the demand generation component through X.commerce by enabling merchants to drive revenue through targeted online ad campaigns.”

La Poste / So Colissimo: “We had no hesitation to join X.commerce because we share the same objective: propose high quality solutions that make e-commerce grow by persuading new merchants to launch web-based business and help them to sell more.”

Lengow: “We are very proud to join the X.commerce ecosystem,” said Mickael Froger, CTO, Lengow. “Lengow will bring its expertise in the product catalog management to help merchants distribute and sell their products on any marketing channel.”

Locayta: “X.commerce is a visionary development in the ecommerce landscape and Locayta is a proud early adopter of the concept,” said Mark Turner, Head of Sales, Locayta. “The chance to bring cutting edge solutions such as our Search and Merchandising platform to this broad new market is a compelling opportunity.”

Postcode Anywhere: “We’re thrilled Postcode Anywhere is a part of X.commerce from the very beginning – a force we anticipate will transform global ecommerce,” said Rachael Mackwell, Operations Director, PostcodeAnywhere. “As an established provider of address auto-fill technology, we look forward to providing merchants with what we feel are the very best services for improving usability and contact data quality.”

Shipwire: “X.commerce is a bold initiative to provide multi-channel sellers the tools they need to overcome the hassles of global ecommerce,” said Damon Schechter, CEO of Shipwire order fulfillment. “Shipwire brings logistics expertise and outsourced shipping automation to X.commerce, which helps multi-channel sellers grow into global brands.”

Tradebox: “Tradebox is excited to be partnering with X.commerce to achieve a greater level of integration to a broader range of online platforms which will allow online merchants a greater level of control to account for their online sales and stock.”

Synolia: “As an official Magento partner, Synolia was naturally led to take part in the X.commerce adventure. We aim to use our resources and expertise in CRM and ecommerce to build tomorrow’s e-business solutions. This is an exciting project, which opens a new era of global ecommerce.”

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