Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Our 2021 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report

Beric Alleyne, Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at eBay

Hear more from our global head of diversity, equity and inclusion at eBay.

Editor's note: Today, we published our annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report and website. Read more from Beric Alleyne, our global head of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

eBay is more than just an ecommerce platform — we are unique. Our marketplace exemplifies diversity. We welcome those of different geographies, backgrounds, lived experiences and passions. We connect people. We help build communities. And we create economic opportunity for all. Today, our platform brings together millions of buyers and sellers, spanning 190 global markets with 1.6 billion listings. Every one of our customers is a distinct individual, each with their own desires, interests and dreams. Bringing this incredible platform to life requires a team that can understand and reflect the needs of these individuals.

We are pleased to share our sixth annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Report. For the past five years, we’ve remained committed, open, vulnerable and most importantly transparent — not just about our numbers but about our journey. We’ve recognized both the wins and areas of improvement. And while we will continue this tradition of transparency, I am especially proud of this report because it represents a turning point in how we approach this work. We have sharpened our focus to grow specific groups of underrepresented employees immediately; be more thoughtful of how and when we bring communities together, both inside eBay’s walls and outside; and, in a way that we haven’t before, hold ourselves accountable to delivering meaningful and sustainable change.

We will continue to nurture and grow grassroots efforts, led by passionate employees across the globe who demand and rally to organically deliver change that strengthens our sense of inclusion. Meaningful change occurs when these organic efforts are combined with leadership focus and support — and coupled with the right tools, education and enhanced process.

Furthermore, as I partner with our executive leadership team, it’s exciting to experience not only their level of engagement but how they stepped up and are walking the walk — all in service of making real change based on how we have redefined DE&I at eBay. I’m also thrilled to share that the Compensation Committee on eBay’s Board has been recently expanded to be the Compensation and Human Capital Committee and will now have oversight of DE&I. This change accompanies a component of executive officer compensation being directly tied to DE&I goals and, together, these mark an important step toward senior-level accountability.

In our report, you’ll read more about our path forward as we remain committed to openly sharing updates about our journey. I feel tremendously encouraged by all that we have achieved — and I am looking forward to all that we have set out to accomplish. Read the report here