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Retail Revival Spotlight: A Pet Store with a Purpose

eBay News Team

Preuss Pets was founded in 1982 with the belief that that pets can transform our lives. Three generations later, the Preuss family has built this belief into a thriving business and a vibrant community of animal enthusiasts.

For Preuss Pets, pets are not “just” animals: they’re family. Their colorful and cacophonous store is truly a unique experience – chirping birds, tropical fish in electric hues, and the legendary bug bar, which offers a full menu of delicious options for your insect-eating lizards.  The store proudly focuses on pet care, offering healthy food, stimulating toys, educational workshops and so much more to help your pet live its best life.  

“We are extremely community-focused,” said Kirbay Preuss, the founder’s granddaughter who now helps run the family-owned business. With 65 highly-trained employees – including a full-time aquatic veterinarian – Preuss Pets takes its responsibility toward pets (and pet owners) very seriously. Besides hand-curating pet foods and toys that nurture pets’ bodies and minds, Preuss Pets propagates coral, hosts seminars on topics like aquascaping in their on-site classroom and partners with a local Girl Scouts troop. “We do all kinds of stuff that is above and beyond what your average pet store would do,” Kirbay said. 

While you can befriend anything from a parakeet to a gerbil (or a tarantula, for the less faint of heart) at their Lansing store, Preuss Pets is now making proper pet care even more accessible by bringing their carefully curated products to eBay. Their eBay store offers truly unique items such as food for cichlids and degus, hammocks for your bearded dragon and handmade catnip toys. “Things like this program are important because it's keeping us on the leading edge of staying successful,” Kirbay said.

Looking for a fun toy for your bird?  Nutritious food for your hedgehog or guinea pig? Search no further, Preuss Pets on eBay has what you need.

Preuss Pets is a participant in Retail Revival, a partnership between eBay and the city of Lansing, Michigan to support small business owners who want to bring their products to the global marketplace.

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