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Spotlighting Our 2023 Global Give Grantees

Rachel Chen, eBay News Team

Start Out, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and ETIC are among this year’s Global Give grantees supporting inclusive entrepreneurship around the world.

Driven by our purpose to create economic opportunity for all, eBay Foundation is proud to announce our 2023 Global Give grantees, with a total award of nearly $3 million to 32 grantees across the globe. 

The program is an extension of eBay Foundation’s grantmaking, enabling us to partner with nonprofit organizations around the world that are addressing and removing barriers to entrepreneurship for people who identify with historically excluded groups. 

This year’s grantees reflect that mission. From U.S.-based Start Out, to Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, to ETIC in Japan, our nonprofit partners span the globe. And yet, they’re all united under one common goal — empowering entrepreneurs to start and grow their own businesses. 

Start Out: Uplifting LGBTQ+ Voices

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Since 2009, Start Out has dedicated itself to providing LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs with the resources and mentorship networks they need to thrive in the modern marketplace. 

“Our biggest challenge is meeting the demands of the ever-growing number of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs who are looking to our programs and services to help build their business,” said ​​Tony Uceda, VP of Development at Start Out. “Thanks to eBay Foundation’s support, we can expand our footprint while meeting the needs of our community members, who are working to bring equality to business communities nationwide.” 

Though they are based in San Francisco, California, the nonprofit has over 26,000 members in cities across the United States specializing in a diversity of industries, including health, housing and brand marketing. Through this vast network, they’ve maintained the StartOut Index, which tracks the impact of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurial impact in metropolitan cities and states. From this index, they’ve found that although LGBTQ+ founders raise 16% less funding for their startups compared to the average founder, they create 36% more jobs, secure 114% more patents and have 44% more exits. 

This is why the team at Start Out is excited to be recognized as a 2023 Global Give grantee. 

“We plan to use funding from our grant to assist as many as 65 minority and female-identifying entrepreneurs through our programs and services,” Tony said. 

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland: Accelerating Social Change Through the Power of People

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Founded in 2004, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland (SEI) aims to provide tailored support and resources to social entrepreneurs addressing the world’s most pressing problems. 

“Many promising social entrepreneurs face significant hurdles in accessing funding, mentorship and a supportive network that can help them turn their ideas into sustainable and high impact ventures,” said Gráinne O’Hogan, Director of Development at SEI. “Our organization aims to tackle those challenges not only by providing funding and operational support, but also by investing specifically in the social entrepreneur as a leader.” 

Since its inception, SEI has empowered over 550 social entrepreneurs in Ireland with direct funding and consultancy, based on a model of entrepreneur-led, community-powered support. Helene Hugel, CEO and founder of Helium Arts, is one example of an SEI entrepreneur who runs a charity that provides art workshops to children living with lifelong physical health conditions. 

“[Social entrepreneurs] don’t always have the skills to know how to structure and manage the organizational machine which will amplify and deliver the solution,” Helene said. “This is where SEI comes in, assisting with essential leadership skills and organizational development support.”

The 2023 Global Give grant will help SEI fund their strategic implementation by assisting with personnel and operation costs, enhancing their capacity to support their vibrant community of social entrepreneurs. 

ETIC: Developing the Next Generation

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Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities (ETIC) is a Japan-based nonprofit that has been supporting young entrepreneurs through core incubation programs and peer support communities since 1993. 

“Japan is generally said to be a difficult place for young people to start businesses and turn their ideas into innovation,” said Naho Kawashima, Social Innovation Coordinator at ETIC. “To address this, ETIC provides young entrepreneurs with opportunities to receive mentoring, access resources and meet like-minded entrepreneurs.” 

According to ETIC, the number of people interested in starting social enterprises has grown significantly over the last 30 years. In response, the team has focused its efforts on creating a self-sustaining ecosystem of entrepreneurs committed to driving positive social change and open dialogue with corporations and government parties. Through accelerator programs and nationwide networks of mentors and peers, ETIC now sustains over 1,800 young business people — and with eBay Foundation’s support, they will continue to advance more inclusive, equitable opportunities in Japan. 

“The Global Give grant has been essential for ETIC to provide leadership training and communities of support for young entrepreneurs in Japan,” Naho said. “We will continue to help entrepreneurs and social sector leaders as they address societal challenges, such as educational disparities, economic inclusion, gender equity, rural development and more.” 

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