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Wolverhampton Businesses Surpass £2M in Sales With UK Retail Revival Program

Federica Rabiolo, Senior Manager of Global Impact, EMEA, eBay

Retail Revival demonstrates its positive impact on the UK's local economy just 6 months after its launch.

Businesses participating in the UK’s Retail Revival program in Wolverhampton have surpassed £2M in sales, just six months since the program’s launch.

The 64 participating retailers have seen an average growth of 36% in year-on-year revenue since joining the program, which helps businesses get online, access new markets and customers and grow.

Optimism for the year ahead has also increased dramatically among participants, with an astounding 100% of businesses in the program saying they’re feeling positive about their prospects – up 35% from when the program was first announced. This news comes as British high streets weather the most testing retail climate in years.

“The past few years have been tough for UK retail, but it’s too simplistic to say that online shopping comes at the detriment of the high street,” says Rob Hattrell, VP of eBay UK. “Our partnership with entrepreneurs in Wolverhampton shows what a combination of online and physical retail can achieve.”

The program is already demonstrating its positive impact on the local economy, with a survey of participants revealing that 46% are either expanding or planning to expand their physical presence, while 42% have hired or plan to hire additional staff.

“Retail Revival has helped us to significantly grow our business so that we’re able to do more of the things we want to do,” says Mike Dixon, co-founder of pet supplies store Hugglepets, who joined the program with both a physical store and online store. “It’s freed up our time and given us greater financial stability – our revenue was up 22% year-on-year last month – so that we’re able to give back to the local community.”

Retail Revival participants are benefitting from one-on-one support to create personalized eBay shops, a comprehensive training program that covers eBay selling basics, as well as digital skills, such as search engine optimization and social media marketing.

eBay will continue providing support and training to Wolverhampton businesses through November 2019. 

For more information on Retail Revival and the Wolverhampton program please visit

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