eBay Helps You Color Your World

Hal Lawton, SVP, eBay North America

Hal talks about how we are activating a sharpened and more differentiated eBay brand as we leverage new technology to retool our platforms and personalize the shopping journey, expand our retail offerings, and forge new partnerships to add to our unique inventory mix.

For Maddie Brenneman, it’s fly fishing — she even left her corporate desk job to become a guide. For the Maxlider brothers, it’s Ford Broncos and the thrill of peeling out. For Ron Finley, it’s gardening and the transformative power of growing food.

This is how these real enthusiasts from different parts of our country — who are featured in our new TV ad — are bringing color to the world in their own ways. Championing this individuality is at the heart of our new brand platform, “Fill Your Cart With Color.” It’s all about bringing color into our lives.

Our new brand platform is about you and how unique you are. It celebrates the distinct passions we all have, capturing the essence of eBay’s diverse and vibrant marketplace, and the broad selection that we offer. We are taking a stand for originality and individuality, and I’m encouraging you to be part of the movement. You should shop like nobody else because you aren’t like anyone else.

Our focus is to drive a multi-channel brand campaign, across devices, and seize the moments of inspiration that bring consumers to our site. From TV to billboards to digital takeovers to social media and movie theaters, you will see eBay popping up wherever you are in the coming months.

We are activating this sharpened and more differentiated eBay brand as we leverage new technology to retool our platforms and personalize the shopping journey, expand our retail offerings, and forge new partnerships to add to our unique inventory mix.

We want to challenge all the things you think you know about eBay and invite you to experience us in a new light.


Why Buy…Beige?

Over the last couple of weeks, I bought a variety of items – a new iPhone case that looks like a Polaroid camera, a pair of Grateful Dead socks, Apple AirPods, Allbirds shoes, and some unique fidget spinners for my kids that were not found elsewhere. All of them are great conversation starters, and all of them very unique to me. These are, of course, just a handful of the 1.1 billion items we have on eBay – all from a diverse global community of sellers.

Whether you’re shopping for the latest clothes, the hottest electronics, or the perfect accessory for a home or car, our marketplace has something that will appeal to you. While 80 percent of items sold on our marketplace are new, you can find your version of perfect in new, nearly new or vintage.  And all at great prices.

We are confident that you get the best value when you shop on eBay. So much so, that we are standing by it. Today, we announced Price Match Guarantee, where we will be matching the prices of our competitors on more than 50,000 deals in the United States. Our deals are already the best prices you will find, and in the very few instances where you see it for less, we’ll gladly match the price of our competitors.

Shipping is also an important focus. In the U.S., we will soon be launching Guaranteed Delivery where you will be able to search and filter for items by 1- and 2-day delivery times. We will guarantee delivery in 3 days or less on 20 million items, millions of which will ship free. Plus, if you are looking for high-end merchandise, our eBay Authenticate program will offer trusted item authentication.

Find What Makes You, YOU

Along with expanding our offerings in several areas—pricing, shipping, insights and partnerships – we have also worked long and hard on redefining the shopping experience on our platform. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, and our multi-year structured data initiative, we are creating highly personalized shopping journeys.

When you show up on our site or our mobile apps — you will experience a new eBay. You’ll see it in our browse-inspired shopping journeys, new catalogue-style experiences, our new homepage, and in our ShopBot conversational shopping assistant, which helps you shop right from Facebook Messenger.  When we say we want to meet you where you are, we are not just referring to where you are physically located.

All this is brought to life by our refreshed brand platform. Fill Your Cart With Color celebrates individuality and self expression. We are challenging routine shopping habits and opposing conformity.  eBay is already one of the world’s strongest brands with more than 169 million active buyers. Now, we are taking a fresh approach to our 22-year-old brand, reflecting the eBay of today — and of the future.

In a world of fickle trends, it’s easy to shop on autopilot. We want to help you find what makes you, you.

How will you fill your cart with color?