eBay Making Christmas Wishes Come True

eBay Inc. Staff

Seeing snow in South Florida is about as likely as a rainstorm in the Atacama Desert – it just doesn’t happen.  But earlier this month, at the Milagro Center in Delray Beach, Florida, special forces were at work, all with the goal of bringing the true spirit of Christmas to life.

eBay formed a partnership with Santa to surprise as very special group of kids with the ultimate Christmas.

As part of a school project, the students were told to think of what they’d like for Christmas, and share their wishes in a video letter to Santa.  While the students were busy dreaming of presents under the Christmas tree, eBay was busy at work. The playground was redecorated into a winter wonderland, complete with a truckload of presents and a couple feet of real snow!

Enjoy the video to see how this group of underprivileged children reacted when they found out the North Pole had come to South Florida. 

But the story doesn’t end there.

eBay wants to surprise 12 more deserving children by giving them exactly what they want this year.  Nominate a child and tell us why you’d like to him or her at http://www.reddit.com/r/eBayGives/.

Help us spread the Holiday Joy this year!