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Everyday Heroes: Love in 3D

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Learn how a father uses a 3D printer he found on eBay to transform his son’s life.

Millions of people from all around the world connect on eBay. Each time that happens, something positive happens in the world. These are the stories of everyday people on eBay making an extraordinary difference in the lives of others.

Callum Miller’s 10-year-old son, Jamie, was born without a left hand. But after exploring expensive prosthetic options for Jamie, Callum successfully built a prosthetic hand for him, using only a YouTube tutorial and a 3D printer he purchased on eBay.

While he is quick to dismiss praise for his efforts, Callum proudly recounts the moment that Jamie strapped on his first 3D-printed hand and held his father’s hand. “It’s emotional for me watching it, even now,” says Callum. “I still get choked up watching him, because it’s the first ever time he’d done it.”

Having captured this sentimental moment on video and posting it on various Internet forums, the Millers have not only garnered significant media attention, but a robust following of parents from across the world.

Soon after their story went viral, Callum received a call from the mother of a five-year-old girl, Keira, who was also born with one hand. Adamant that his father help another child like him, Jamie insisted that his dad immediately print another 3D arm for Keira.

“He’s wanting to help other people now, which is great. The more we help him with that, it’s going to give him a good start in life,” says Callum.

Now, using eBay, Callum is able to sift through thousands of parts from a vast range of suppliers. As he continues to develop his product line, Callum is now experimenting with various filaments, coloring, and nozzle sizing. And the work he prints for others is done free of charge.

“The community as a whole, it just helps each other," he said. "The end result being, somebody's being helped at the end of it. You get thanked for it. That's enough, really.”

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