Jennifer Chang Makes Fortune Magazine’s List of Heroes

eBay Inc. Staff

Chang, who works on the geo-expansion and cross-border trade team at eBay Inc., is recognized for promoting LGBT rights.

Jennifer Chang, who grew up in a conservative household, said it “rocked my world,” to come out as gay. And now she is telling the stories of others around the world who have done so.

The eBay Inc. Senior Product Marketing Manager was honored on Wednesday by Fortune Magazine in its special feature story Heroes of the Fortune 500 as a hero and advocate for LGBT rights.

Fortune interviewed employees at Fortune 500 companies looking for individuals who have "performed extraordinary acts of bravery, charity, ingenuity or selflessness - transforming their communities (and often the lives of total strangers) in the process.”

Chang, who is number 24 on the list of more than 50 honorees, works on the geo-expansion and cross-border trade team at eBay Inc.

During her tenure at eBay Inc., Chang was able to take a leave of absence and traveled the world with her partner, capturing the stories of the LGBT community in over 16 countries around the globe and blogging about them on her site, Out and Around

These stories are also slated to turn into a documentary later this year. 

“I hope that people, whether they’re gay or straight, see these as very human stories,” Chang told Fortune.  You can read more from Fortune, here.