Making a Difference Through eBay

Jennifer Lowe, eBay News Team

Spotlight on three sellers who have raised thousands for charity.

Whether it’s snagging an item from Kim Kardashian’s closet or finding a lost Rolling Stones or Beatles photo from The Bob Bonis Archive, celebrity and pop-culture related selling for charity has become a major force for good on eBay.

However, alongside these pop culture sellers, there are several stores on eBay that sell almost exclusively for charity, donating thousands of dollars to special organizations that are personally meaningful to them.

Here, three sellers on eBay share the stories behind their stores and describe what motivates them to make a difference.


After a Devastating Car Accident, A Woman Raises $11,760 for Doctors Without Borders

jean arnold

Name: Jean Arnold

Store: Evangelines Rose

Founded: 2007

What you sell: Banana Bob vintage jewelry and other findings, including New England factory stock and vintage tooling (stampings, charms, filigrees, chain, Miriam Haskell).

Charities you support: Doctors Without Borders USA (Medecins Sans Frontieres)

Amount raised for charity: $11,760

Relationship with eBay: My involvement with eBay for Charity came at a challenging time for me. After a devastating car accident, which left me in permanent disabling pain, I found myself unable to continue working in my own business--one I had passionately loved for many years.

Struggling to adjust to my new confinement, I turned to selling on eBay as something to provide a "window to the outside world". What wonderful surprises were in store for me. Charity involvement on eBay has not only increased my sales but also, along with the added monetary rewards, has provided a new sense of purpose for me. To think that I could make a difference in the world from the confines of my own home. Amazing.

And an added bonus...several customers have communicated that they appreciate the opportunity to "give back" while making their purchases.

Why this charity: Doctors Without Borders is an international independent medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural and man-made disasters in nearly 70 countries. They're allowed unique access to help people in many areas other charities are not permitted to go.

I love that eBay provides an opportunity for me and my customers to support this amazing organization.


Want to do more? Add Doctors Without Borders as your favorite charity on eBay now.



A Man Generates $42,651 and Gives Back to a Childhood Inspiration

jim ross

Name: Jim Ross

Store: Animation Art International

Founded: Our eBay store was founded in September of 2009, but I have been buying and selling on eBay since it was founded in 1995.

What you sell: We sell animation art from various animated cartoons, including Batman, Superman, Power Puff Girls, Samurai Jack, and many others. The art consists of hand painted cels, backgrounds, and drawings.

Charities you support: Hope 2 One Life, Inc., Cartoon Art Museum, Custer Battlefield Museum

Amount raised for charity: $42,651

Why these charities: My partner wanted to donate money from our auctions because they are secondary income for both of us and we felt that it would be nice to give 10 percent of our profits to charity.

Hope 2 One Life, Inc. was founded by a friend of mine from college. Her company was not initially on eBay as a registered non-profit. I suggested to her that she get registered and I could donate some money to her company. So she got registered. They work providing clean drinking water to people around the world.

I chose Custer Battlefield Museum because I am from Montana originally and I have fond memories of visiting the battlefield when I was a child. It inspired me to learn more about the history of Montana. I wanted to provide them with some proceeds to maybe keep that inspiration going for other people who visit the Custer Battlefield.

The Cartoon Art Museum contacted me and asked if we would be willing to donate some of our proceeds to them. We felt that since we were selling the art that their museum was based upon, it only seemed natural to give them some of our proceeds as well.

Memorable moments: It has been fun being able to help out the three charities that we do. I never contacted the Custer Battlefield and told them that we would be donating. Soon after the auctions started they contacted me and were very thankful for the donations and sent us a few items from their museum gift shop. That was very kind of them, and meant a lot to us.

My friend from Hope 2 One Life, Inc. contacted us and asked if she could include our names on a plaque that was being placed on a community art center in Africa that our donations helped to build. That was really rewarding for us as well.

And we always get thank you emails from the Cartoon Art Museum and invitations to come and see them when we are in the Bay Area.

Relationship with eBay: My relationship with eBay has been wonderful. The selling we do is a second job for me and I use my part of the proceeds we make to put my kids through college. I have one that just graduated last June and one that started last September and one that will start in a few years. The selling I do on eBay allows them to get a college education and also allows us to give back to the community as well. I am grateful for the opportunities eBay has given me.


Interested in supporting these charities? Add Hope 2 One Life, Inc., Cartoon Art Museum, and/or the Custer Battlefield Museum as a favorite charity on eBay now.



A Mother Raises $12,132 Since 2011 and Gives Toward Cancer Research

heidi piccoli

Name: Heidi and Jeremiah Piccoli

Store: Planet Eden

Founded: I have been a member since August 2002. My store was founded in 2010. 

What you sell: Skin peels, organic face lotions, glycolic cleansers, acne products, and anti-aging products.

Charities you support: Samaritans Purse, Compassion International, CureSearch for Children's Cancer, Focus on the Family, Matthew 25: Ministries, Operation Blessing International, Save the Children, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, The Christian Broadcasting Network, World Food Program

Amount raised for charity: $12,132 since 2011

Why these charities: I chose charities that have a heart for children (cancer research and medical assistance), feeding the homeless and hungry (nobody should go hungry), and the spiritually lost. I see donating to charity as a necessity, not a luxury. Helping others in any way I can is a strong spiritual belief. If more people helped by volunteering or donating, the world could be a very different place.

Memorable moments: I am impressed that eBay gives sellers the option to donate all or a portion of their sales to charity, as well as allow the buyer to donate at the end of the transaction. I do not see this with other online stores. It shows how progressive eBay is as a company. I am proud to be an eBay seller. 

Relationship with eBay: eBay has helped me to work at home and be with my children full-time. I am now able to home-school my 2 children as well as be there for them everyday. 


Ready to give back and make a difference? eBay makes it easy to get started. Here’s how in three steps:

  1. Find your own favorite charity to add to your profile.
  2. Once you’ve added a charity as a favorite, pick a donation percentage of your proceeds.
  3. List your item and start selling!