Retail Revival

Yaroslavl Becomes the First Eastern European City to Join Retail Revival

Anna Trescheva, Communications, eBay Moscow

With eBay's support, entrepreneurs in Yaroslavl are working to make its unique offerings accessible to the global market.

Yaroslavl is an ancient Russian city standing on the legendary Volga River in the country’s northern region. The city boasts more than 1,000 years of history. With access to several major highways, railways and waterways, Yaroslavl has become an important industrial center in Eastern Europe.

Today, entrepreneurs in Yaroslavl are working to make its unique offerings better known on a global stage. Together with the Center of Entrepreneurship Support, eBay is helping small-to-medium business owners in Yaroslavl learn to sell online.

Through a program called Export Revival, Yaroslavl businesses are receiving mentoring from eBay and additional coaching from the Russian Export Center and PayPal to gain the skills to grow their business internationally. Export Revival has united sellers from around the region, who have already started to sell on the marketplace. From car brake pads and modern ceramic tableware, to trendy children outfits and portable sea bikes, their inventory spans many product verticals.

The program aligns with the Russian government’s priority focus to grow small- to medium-sized businesses, create new jobs and increase export potential of small enterprises and companies.

Learn more about the Yaroslavl businesses participating in Export Revival program in the Made in Russia eBay store.

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