Using Commerce as a Force for Good

Claire Dixon, VP Global Communications and Global Impact

In 2016, buyers and sellers raised $161 every minute for charitable causes through the eBay for Charity program.

It’s not every day that you get a call from the Golden State Warriors, but that’s what happened when a representative contacted eBay for Charity last December. 

Basketball superstar Steph Curry — who is well-known for his philanthropy — wanted to honor the victims of Oakland’s Ghost Ship warehouse fire by auctioning two pairs of his custom-designed shoes. We were delighted to support such a worthy cause and the auction raised $45,201 for the Oakland Fire Relief Fund, helping bring aid to those impacted by the fire.

While some of our biggest and best known charity initiatives are those associated with celebrities, ranging from a Power Lunch with Warren Buffett  to Oprah Winfrey’s Closet Cleanse, the true strength of the eBay for Charity program lies in how it helps our global community connect to the many causes they care about – supporting thousands of charities every day. From global organizations like Doctors Without Borders to small local initiatives, tens of thousands of charities are able to raise funds when eBayers buy or sell.

Through our program, charities are able to sell items to raise funds with no fees, and consumers are able to buy and sell to benefit charities or just give at checkout. Big and small businesses can also support their favorite organizations by donating a percentage of the proceeds from their sales.

These everyday donations from people around the world are a strong reminder of how influential eBay’s community can be in rallying behind causes. In 2016 alone, eBay sellers created over 14 million charitable listings, with part or all of the proceeds from those listings going to designated charity organizations.

To date, eBay for Charity has raised more than $725 million globally.

Helping charities extend their reach and impact is just one of the ways eBay drives positive global impact. We believe that commerce shouldn’t be simply transactional but rather transformational: a powerful, energizing force for good. Every day, we enable buyers to find their perfect purchase by connecting them with millions of sellers around the world.  Our sellers in turn benefit from new customers and access to untapped markets creating livelihoods regardless of their location.  Our platforms also act as the engine for a powerful circular economy that enables products to find new homes, stay out of landfills and extend their useful lives. Collectively, these elements drive positive global economic, social, charitable and environmental impacts.

I want to thank our eBay community for continuing to help us make a difference around the world, and for supporting commerce that enables opportunity for everyone.

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